There are a few other details that make the Lear 36 a popular private jet. First of all, it meets FAR part 36 noise standards, making it a kind of “good neighbor” at airports. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Learjet 36a."

"The LEARJET 36A" additionally has an avionics system which is completely redesigned from previous models, giving pilots an uncluttered control panel that is easy to work with.

"The LEARJET 36A" in which pilots have also commented on its agility and excellent performance capabilities. The Learjet 36A can get into a lot of the smaller Private Airports, making this a Great choice for "Private Jet Charter."

Learjet 36a aircraft
"The LEARJET 36A" is a high-performing "Private Business Jet" that meets the standards of excellence of a private jet in the Lear series. At can be chartered for $2150 per hour and up.

It is rare to find a Business Jet that can fly as fast, as far, or as economically as the Lear 36a. "" would love to Hear from You.


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