The PREMIER 1A" fuselage is made of a high-strength carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite. It is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and almost never needs repairs. The thinness of the fuselage is the reason for the cabin’s spaciousness. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Premier 1a."

"The PREMIER 1A" cabin pressurization is automatically regulated by a digital system that uses engine bleed air. The two-zone cabin environmental system also uses bleed air for heating and one of two separate generators for cooling. "The PREMIER 1A" cabin pressure can also be automatically or manually controlled and is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi.

"The PREMIER 1A" takes time to work the bugs out of most all-new airplane designs, and the Beechcraft Premier is no exception.

premier 1a jet
While the original cabin design was dramatic, perhaps even gaudy, the IA cabin is subtle and elegant, with obviously only top grade leathers, wood veneer and carpet.

"The PREMIER 1A" is a pioneer as the first "business jet" to use carbon graphite epoxy as primary structure. The Premier fuselage is made from carbon fiber while the wing is constructed of conventional aluminum alloys. At can be chartered for $ 1725 per hour and up.

"The PREMIER 1A" cabin is 5 feet 5 inches high, which provides a half a foot more headroom than other light jets. The extra diameter of the circular cabin translates into an even greater advantage in cabin width, particularly at the floor level. The cabin cross section of the Premier is actually closer to that of a conventional midsize than to the competitive light jets.


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The Challenger 601 has one of the biggest and widest cabins in it's class.

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