With 2,300 statute miles of range, short runway capability, best-in-class performance and a cruise speed of 510 mph, the Learjet 35 is a superbly effective aircraft.

The "Learjet 35" is a "Light Private Aircraft" that has long been a favorite among celebrities, as well being selected for use as a military jet, in which guise it operates under the title C-21. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Learjet 35."

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"The LEARJET 35" is noted by pilots for its excellent handling and agility as well as for its impressive performance. At can be chartered for $2075 per hour and up. The Learjet 35 has received some attention-grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the line.

The Lear 35 is classified as a Light Jet and is most suitable for short, quick flights. It cruises at 510 mph, and it remains among the fastest aircraft in the Light Jet category.


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