BOOK a PRIVATE FLIGHT with the Cessna Citation II. Everyone else in the industry was trying to out do each other by making the heaviest, most complicated, hard-to-fly jet. The Citation II defied all trends with its simple systems and manufacturing techniques, dramatically reducing operating and purchase costs.

The Citation II focus is on simplicity and economy was so effective in the air, and popular among pilots and jet owners that it completely reversed jet design trends all over the Private Aircraft industry. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Citation 2."

"The CITATION 2" can carry eight passengers up to 2,000 nm at a max cruise speed of 374 knots. Its two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 engines provide 2,500 pounds of thrust apiece on takeoff.

citation cj2 cabin
"PRIVATE PLANE CHARTER SERVICES," as previously mentioned, the Cessna Citation is most favored for its straightforward design. This feature is best enjoyed in the cockpit, which Business Aviation magazine called the “best human factored cockpit in general aviation” upon the Citation II’s release. Get an Airplane charter quote Cessna Citation II

The interior of the "CITATION 2" is wide and inviting with the latest advancements in ergonomic sciences. The cabin is appointed with the finest materials and finishes that fit your tastes. At can be chartered for $2150 per hour and up.

Perfect for corporate, charter or private use, the Citation 2 features a redesigned interior with excellent in-cabin technologies, updated touch-controlled avionics suited for a single pilot and two powerful engines, facilitating cruising speed of up to 400 knots.


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