Although the wing was enlarged to add an additional 250 pounds of fuel than was originally planned, the Premier 2 still manages a short enough takeoff distance to be able to utilize "Small Airports."

"The PREMIER 2" fuselage on this "Very Light Jet" is made of a high-strength carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb composite. At can be chartered for $1800 per hour and up.

It is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and almost never needs repairs. The thinness of the fuselage is the reason for the cabin’s spaciousness. While the jet itself holds six or seven passengers, there is no sacrifice when it comes to size. The cabin dimensions give travelers are relaxing 5.5 H x 5.6 W x 13.6 L which roughly equates to 315 cubic feet of comfort.

The Premier II takes everything that operators love about the Premier IA and improves upon it to create an aircraft that will deliver the performance and capabilities of a much larger jet while providing the economy and efficiency of a light jet.

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