The FALCON 2000LX" highly-successful series that constantly gets better and better is hard to come by. With the "Falcon 2000 Aircraft", Dassault continues to make vast improvements on what is already a superior series.

Designed by Aviation Partners, the winglets alone increase the "LX’s" range by 200 nautical miles from the "EX."

"The Falcon 2000LX" can cover 4,000 nautical miles, with eight passengers, on the same amount of fuel and thrust that it takes the EX to cover 3,800 nm.
Winglets also allow the jet to climb directly to FL410 in a fleeting 18 minutes. For one minor modification, these numbers are significant. "The FALCON 2000LX"
A stand-up lavatory and 134 cubic feet of accessible baggage space are additional features. "The FALCON 2000LX"


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