Passenger Capacity: 7 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 466
Range (nm): 2,800
Cabin Width: 5′ 11″
Cabin Height: 5′ 9″
Cabin Length: 17′ 8″
Baggage Capacity: 59 cu. ft.
The"LEARJET 60XR Private Jet" bombardier’s "Midsize Private Jet" is the last iteration of the legacy of "Learjets." This legacy derives from a long line of aircraft developed by Bill Lear in 1963, beginning with the original "Lear 23." The "Lear 60XR" rounds out "Learjet’s" generation of turbofan-powered "jet aircraft."

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"The LEARJET 60XR" is a Jet that you need to brace yourself for, because this "Private Jet Aircraft" is going to quicken your pulse. It handles your business with ease, while thrilling you with the fastest time-to-climb in its extra-light class.

It is an improved version of the "LEAR 60", boasting a more space-efficient interior. The redesigned model took its first flight in early 2006, and it remains a strong competitor in the medium-range "private jet" category.

Learjet 60XR interior
"The LEARJET 60XR" brings efficiency and low operating costs that make it part of the "Learjet Business Aircraft" family, this Aircraft can cruise above traffic and turbulence, connecting travelers to their destinations more quickly.

"The LEARJET 60XR" elegantly appointed interior allows you to stand up or stretch out in a generous cabin space that is far more comfortable than any office chair back on the ground.

"LEAR 60XR PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" is Swift and agile and has uncompromising range and impressive speed. The "Learjet 60XR" commands attention. The "Lear 60XR’s" greatest difference from its predecessor is in the cabin design.

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"Lear 60XR" although not impressive compared to similar competitors, the interior space is 3 inches wider and 43 inches longer than "LEARJET 55 SERIES." Design improvements include a larger galley, increased aft baggage area (59 cubic ft), 5 different floorplans, and the addition of a cabin management system featuring control modules and electronic power ports.

"LEARJET 60XR PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" comes elegantly appointed with more of what corporate travelers appreciate on long flights. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Learjet 60xr."

In 2005, only one year after Model 60SE deliveries began, Bombardier announced the 60XR. Deliveries of the 60XR began in 2008.

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"The LEARJET 60XR" spacious, stand-up cabin is completed with precious wood veneers, rich, supple leathers, and the finest fabrics to create a feeling of functional luxury while the galley’s gourmet capabilities help to elevate your total flight experience.

"LEARJET 60XR PRIVATE JET CHARTER:" Adding function to form, the galley is perfectly appointed for self-service. It offers clean and dirty ice storage, a microwave or warming oven, fold down work surfaces and increased waste bin capacity, all readily visible thanks to a toe-kick lighting system.

"LEAR 60XR JET AIRPLANE" features a completely redesigned interior, including new seats and a new 2-seat divan, offering more seated comfort and exceptional head, shoulder, elbow and leg room, allowing you to enjoy your trip without feeling constrained. At can be chartered for $4450 per hour and up.

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"The LEARJET 60XR" upholds the fastest and highest flying performance reputation that separates "Learjets" from competitors. More than 300 have been delivered since 1993 and retail around $13 million. However, the "60XR" is not as competitive in cabin size and range.

Brace yourself, because the Learjet 60 XR aircraft is going to quicken your pulse. It handles your business with ease, while thrilling you with the fastest time-to-climb in its extra-light class.

Such improvements give the Learjet 60XR's cabin much of the look, feel and function of a super-midsize business jet-for $6 million to $7 million less.


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