"FALCON 8X, Jet Charter!"

The Falcon 8X represents something of a paradigm shift for Dassault.

"Falcon 8X Private Aircraft"
cabin falcon 8x, private aircraft, falcon 8x interior
This is the first time in the company’s history that it has stretched one of its existing Falcon Jets to create a derivative model rather than embark on a clean-sheet design.

Two 21-in. barrel plugs, one ahead and one aft of the wing root, were added to the 7X fuselage.

The modification makes room for two additional windows on each side of the fuselage and adds about 3.5 ft. to cabin length.

The stretch also makes room for a longer belly fairing with a more conformal tank that increases fuel capacity by about 2,500 lb.

"Falcon 8X Charter Private Jet"
falcon 8x, jet charter, interior falcon 8x
Expected to cost around $58 million (10 percent more than the 7X), the 8X is slated to fly in the first quarter of this Year.

A trio of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307D turbofans, an improved version of the 7X engines, will power the 8X.

Combined with a new wing design, the new powerplants will make the 8X up to 35 percent more fuel efficient than any other aircraft in the ultra-long-range segment, according to Dassault.

Private Jet Charter in the Falcon 8x does not get any better.

"Charter Flights Falcon 8X"
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The Falcon 8x as a range of over 4000 miles and can seat up to 15 depending on seating configurations.

Many operators, though, are expected to order a second, pullout divan in place of the executive workstation as it provides an additional lay-flat berth for overnight missions.

At the rear of the main cabin, there is a lavatory with vacuum toilet. Forward and aft lavatories have independent water and waste systems, a design feature that adds redundancy, according to Dassault.

"Interior Falcon 8X"
interior falcon 8x, falcon 8x interior,  falcon 8x cabin
A 140-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment is accessible by means of a secondary pressure door in the rear of the passenger lavatory.

Access to the aft bay is forbidden above FL 400 to comply with engine rotor burst certification requirements.

Falcon 7X systems are carried over to the Falcon 8X with minor changes.

There is plenty of redundancy to assure critical systems remain operational in the event of multiple failures.


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