"Jet Charter Services: The CHALLENGER 600"

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Initial flight was on 22 January 2006. It obtained certification in late 2006 and went into service in 2007.

The Challenger 605 was followed by the "Challenger 650", featuring a redesigned and more spacious cabin; GE CF34-3B MTO engines with 41 kN (4,180 kgp / 9,220 lbf) thrust each; and a state-of-the-art "glass cockpit" scheme named "Bombardier Vision".

The Challenger series has been a money-maker for Canad air / Bombardier, with well over a thousand sold to date.

The Challenger 600 provides a baseline for description of the Challenger family.

It was a business jet of generally conventional configuration, with all swept flight surfaces, including a low-mounted wing and a tee tail.

"Challenger 600 Private Jet Charter"
challenger 600, private aircraft charter, jet Charter, plane charter
It had tricycle landing gear, with all gear assemblies featuring twin wheels.

The nose gear retracted forward and the main gear hinged from the wing near the wing root in towards the fuselage; incidentally, there were no covers over the main gear wheels.

It was powered by twin Avco Lycoming ALF-502L turbofans, mounted on the rear of the fuselage, each engine providing 33.6 kN (3,400 kgp / 7,500 lbf) thrust.

The Challenger 600 had a crew of two and could carry from 14 to 18 passengers, depending on seating arrangement.

What would become the Canadair Challenger was designed by Bill Lear of Learjet fame in the mid-1970s.

Lear had sold off his aircraft production facility to the Gates Rubber Company to focus on design through his Lear Aviation company, and began to peddle his "Lear Star 600" concept to various aviation firms.

Canadair bought rights to the proposal in 1976, but insisted on a wider fuselage -- 2.74 meters (108 inches): marketing studies had shown customers wanted to have "stand up" room in a business aircraft.

The Challenger's 6' 1" cabin height offers a walk-about cabin (one of the first in the long-range class), and seats up to 12 passengers.

"Jet Charter Challenger 600"
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Their spacious cabins provide exceptional passenger comfort, as well as a working environment with ample space for operator consoles and mission system electronics.


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