"FALCON 2000S, Aircraft Charter!"
Dassault Aviation's new Falcon 2000S represents a strategy to create a new class of business aircraft.

Initially it will go head to head with the likes of the Bombardier Challenger 300, Gulfstream G250 and Hawker 4000, all of which are of a similar external size.

"Falcon 2000S Private Jet Charter"
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Of the four competing aircraft, the Falcon 2000S has the longest cabin length, at 8m (26ft), the greatest cabin width (2.5m external/2.34m internal).

The largest cabin volume at 29m3 (1,000ft3) and the highest head height from a flat floor (1.88m). Furthermore, it comes with seating for 10 passengers.

All this will deliver essential requirements for passenger comfort, including a large forward galley, a full-sized rear bathroom.

An in-flight accessible baggage area, a dedicated cabin attendant rest seat, a galley/cabin dividing door, a passenger wardrobe and an advanced baggage loading system.

Improvements in fuel efficiency also contribute to the aircraft’s range. For a super-mid-size jet – and a price of roughly $25m – this aircraft has long legs.

A range of 3,350 nautical miles, with full fuel and six passengers, gives it the ability to fly from New York to London.

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That includes some with fairly short runways. The Falcon 2000S has an all-new wing with winglets and slats along the whole of the leading edge.

The combination of these aerodynamic boosters gives better performance at low speed. And that translates into shorter landing – and take-off – distances.

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Dassault reckons the single floorplan will cut time – as well as costs – considerably in the Little Rock, Arkansas, completion centre.

Included as standard are a satellite telephone system for the cabin and a media centre with one widescreen monitor and two smaller monitors.

"Falcon 2000S Jet Charter"
falcon 2000s, private air charter, aircraft charter
The Falcon 2000S outperforms the competition on virtually every level of performance, flexibility, agility, and economy.

This exceptional private jet combines the power and discipline of a fighter Jet with four decades of business Jet leadership.

With a target price of under $25 million and efficient operating costs, plus a spacious cabin, the jet promises to be a strong competitor.

Dassault Falcon, based in Geneva, unveiled the Falcon 2000S with the goal of creating a full-size Falcon with a midsize price ideally suited for an eight-hour flight.

Unlike any of its listed competitors. The icing on the performance cake is that the 2000S retains the largest usable payload.


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