"Jet Charter: The Challenger 850!"
The impeccably crafted interior effortlessly combines functionality with style and includes stowable tables, large galley area separated from the main cabin, thoughtfully designed storage, and luxuriously appointed WC’s at the front and rear of the aircraft.

The WC at the rear can double as a dressing room, with access to an internal baggage area supplementing the external hold.

"Challenger 850 Jet"
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The Challenger 850 also includes a high quality audio-visual and communications system for entertainment and productivity in the air.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 (ICAO designator CRJ2) is a large-cabin jet class business aircraft, based on the CRJ200 platform, a small commercial jet that would typically carry 50 passengers.

Unlike the ‘clean-sheet’ Challenger 300, it is closely related to the Challenger 600 series, being an evolution of the original Canadair Challenger designed by Bill Lear and later acquired by Bombardier.

"Challenger 850 Charter Flights"
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The Challenger 850 is commonly operated by corporations and private jet charter operators.

In its most popular configuration, the Challenger 850 comfortably seats 14 passengers plus two pilots.

With a spacious ‘stand-up cabin’ fuselage providing a generous 1.85m height and exceptional cross-section of 2.49m, there is ample space for passengers to relax and move around.

The cavernous interior of this aircraft allows for a versatile range of seating options, including ‘club’, ‘dual-club’ and side-facing couches.

All passengers enjoy unrivalled head, leg and shoulder room for supreme comfort, leaving them relaxed and refreshed after even very long flights.

The 850 still has transcontinental capabilities but is ideal for medium-haul journeys and provides an extremely comfortable interior, as the large cabin features 3 separate seating areas and is equipped with the latest noise-reduction technology to ensure a peaceful journey.

In addition to comfort, the 850 offers excellent performance as it is not only fast, but also efficient.

Dependability is the birth right of the Challenger 850 aircraft.

The powerful combination of Business Jet efficiency with Airliner endurance and reliability makes this aircraft a highly versatile and classy heavy sized private jet.

"Challenger 850 Airplane Charter"
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The flagship of Bombardier's Challenger range, the 850 came to be as Bombardier realized that their 'Global' series of Long Range aircraft were frequently used for shorter journeys.

The Challenger 850 is unique in that it originated from an airliner.

It is an ideal executive jet for larger capacity travel, maintaining the spatial components of the airliner.

The largest jet in the Bombardier Challenger family, the Challenger 850, contains a cabin with virtually the same amount of space as an ultra-long-range aircraft.

Its interior, in fact, is its most valuable asset, with a uniquely spacious environment to work or play, accommodating up to 14 passengers, with supreme comfort.

The Large and Ultra Long Range Jets are the most capable and luxurious of business jet aircraft. These aircraft offer unparalleled luxury and comfort, travelling at the highest of speeds.

Intercontinental range allows these aircraft to deliver you around the globe in hours. You’ll arrive rested, relaxed and ready for whatever awaits you.

"CHALLENGER 850 AIRCRAFT" offers a uniquely spacious environment in which to work, relax or prepare for the business at hand.

It is adaptable to your individual needs, with customized interiors that address your every requirement with thoughtful attention.

"Challenger 850 Jet Charter Privarte"
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"The CHALLENGER 850 for Private Jet Charter.


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