"FALCON 900EX Jet Charter"

The Falcon 900EX is part of the heavy group category. It is significantly larger than the Falcon 50EX.

"Falcon 900EX Charter Services"
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No matter how you look at it, the Falcon 900EX is an impressive private jet. With ranges of over 5,000 miles, an incredibly comfortable cabin, and an innovative three engine configuration, it is an enviable machine.

It is ideal for transoceanic and transcontinental trips and offers great versatility in flight planning.

"Airplane Charter Falcon 900EX"
Its well-appointed interior includes over six feet of headroom and a flexible configuration of seating options.

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Dassault's Falcon 900EX long-range business tri-jet completed its first flight in June 1995, and in September 1995 it demonstrated its long-range capability with an 8,705km non-stop flight from Luton in the UK to Las Vegas.

The Falcon 900ex is an Ultra Long Range Private Jet capable of holding up to 12 passengers comfortably.

Stay easily connected with family and friends or business associates via the satellite phone onboard. Berthable seats allow for comfort and sleep through the night on a trans-Atlantic charter flight.

"Fly the Falcon 900EX"
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The Falcon 900ex has a stand up cabin, and is one of the widest jets in its class.

The Falcon 900EX aircraft offers revolutionary performance and accommodations.

Its long distance range and cruising altitude of 51,000 feet ensures that you can reach your destination on time.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a Falcon 900EX charter jet from Key Air will surpass your every expectation.

The passenger cabin can be customised to the operator's requirements. The passenger cabin is configured in three VIP lounge areas.

"Charter Flights Falcon 900EX"
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The forward area has tables and four recliner sleeping chairs.

The central dining area seats six people and is furnished with a dining table, two double seats, a foldaway bench and a cabinet.

The rear passenger area can be fitted as a bedroom with a convertible bed/three-seat settee and two armchairs.

"The FALCON 900EX" has two seats that can be reclined and combined to make a full-length bed.

Otherwise all of the seats are fully adjustable, can move along a track, swivel, recline, and everything else a seat could feasibly do.

"Falcon 900EX Jet Charters"
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Enjoy your luxurious accommodations by taking advantage of the fully-equipped custom galley with both microwave and convection ovens.

The Falcon 900EX offers a state-of-the-art entertainment system which includes DVD players, CD players, 12-disc changer, individual iPads and headsets.S

Two seats can be reclined and combined to make a full-length bed in the "Private Jet."

"Jet Charter Falcon 900EX"
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The Falcon 900EX short runway performance is also due to its very light, tough frame.

It is made of titanium, Kevlar, and carbon fiber composites, all of which are very lightweight but sturdy materials that allow the Falcon to do what much heavier business jets with more powerful engines can.


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