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The 900’s unique combination of cabin comfort, mission versatility and favorable operating economics.

More than 25 years after it first entered service, the Falcon 900 remains in a class by itself.

From its three-engine layout to its advanced computer design to its construction using lightweight alloys and composites, the 900 series is truly peerless.

Dassault has made many improvements to the aircraft in terms of range, avionics and engine power, but the guts of the airplane and its value proposition remain largely unchanged.

The tri-jet design lets you go where twinjets cannot and the lightweight construction means you burn less fuel while doing so.

A new copy of the latest iteration, the 900LX, will set you back nearly $42 million. However, its predecessor, the 900EX, offers much of the same utility.

Dassault produced it from 1996 to 2010, and used prices start around $14 million.

Falcon 900 prices start at $5 million for a 1987 model. Falcon 900Bs can be acquired for between $6 million and $12.5 million. Falcon 900Cs cost between $12.5 million and $16.5 million.

EX prices range from $15 million to $35 million. DX models run from $21.5 million to $32 million, and LX airplanes cost between $36 million and $42.4 million.

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falcon 900, private flights, aircraft rental, airplane rental

Dassault also has touted the aircraft’s three-engine design as offering increased safety margins for overwater flying.

In 1991 the manufacturer developed the Falcon 900B, which was outfitted with 4,750-pound-thrust TFE731-5BR-1C engines and offered an increase in range to 4,000 nautical miles.

Almost all earlier Falcon 900s were upgraded with -5BR engines. In 1995, Dassault introduced the Falcon 900EX equipped with 5,000-pound-thrust TFE731-60 turbofans.

The EX offered increased fuel capacity and efficiency, higher operating weights, Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics, and an increase in range to 4,500 nautical miles.

The 900EX was certified in mid-1996. Despite the introduction of the 900EX, the less-expensive, shorter-range Falcon 900B remained in production until it was superseded by the 900C, which had a higher gross weight and Primus 2000 avionics. The 900C was certificated in 1999.

"Falcon 900 Private Jet Charter"
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The Falcon 900 is known for its excellent handling characteristics and fuel efficiency, as well as its ability to operate from shorter runways than other big-cabin jets.

This is a popular private jet to charter. It is ideal for long overseas flights when a 3rd engine increases safety and offers great versatility in flight planning.

The Falcon 900 maximum range is 5,180 miles (4,500 nautical miles).


  1. The Falcon 900 has one of the biggest cabins in the heavy jet category.


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