Jet Charter in a GULFSTREAM G550

The Gulfstream G500 and G550 are business jet aircraft produced by General Dynamics' Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia.

"Gulfstream G550"
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They are marketing names for the Gulfstream V-SP. There were 450 Gulfstream G550s in active service as of January 2016.

The G550, a variant of the Gulfstream V, officially named the Gulfstream V-SP,[6] was released to the market in 2003.

It has increased performance. Range is increased to 6,750 nautical miles (12,500 km), mostly due to reductions in aerodynamic drag.

The Gulfstream 550 has the longest flight range in its class.

The Gulfstream 550 competes against the Airbus Corporate Jet, Boeing Business Jet, and the Bombardier Global Express.

"Interior Gulfstream G550"
interior gulfstream g550, inside gulfstream g550, cabin gulfstream g550, jet charter
There now are more than 460 Gulfstream G550 business jets in service and operators say it’s a top performer.

It is a versatile workhorse offering solid dispatch reliability and backed by unmatched product support.

A hinged shelf in the aft baggage compartment and a solid pocket door for privacy in the optional aft stateroom.

Virtually all layouts feature a four-chair club section in the forward cabin.

The center cabin may be configured with four club seats or a four-seat conference grouping with a credenza.

A four-place divan may be installed in place of the credenza, conference grouping or a pair of club chairs.

"Private Jet Gulfstream G550"
interior gulfstream g550, inside gulfstream g550, cabin gulfstream g550, private jet charter
The center cabin layouts also may be used in the aft cabin, but it’s also likely to be configured to feel like an executive retreat with room dividers, a sofa sleeper and a single work chair with table.

As noted, the manufacturer offers both forward and aft galley configurations, with close to two-thirds of customers opting for forward galleys.

Aircraft with a single sleeper chair in the forward crew rest compartment have three passenger seating areas in the main cabin.

Some operators forego the crew rest compartment and configure the cabin with four passenger areas.

"Gulfstream G550 Plane Charter Services"
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Most other U.S. operators are long-time Gulfstream loyalists, some having owned four or five generations of large-cabin Gulfstreams.

In fleets, the G550 often is the largest and longest-range aircraft.

It complements shorter-range large-cabin aircraft, such as the Gulfstream G450, Dassault Falcon 2000 series or Bombardier Global series, in the fleet mix.

A few operators also fly the Gulfstream G650 as their largest and longest-range business aircraft.

The aircraft has 6,700 nm of range with four crew and eight passengers, assuming ideal conditions.

Most operators, though, limit their longest missions to 12 to 13 hr., yielding 5,500 to 6,000 nm of range at Mach 0.80 long-range cruise speed.


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