"GULFSTREAM GIV, Charter Air Service!"

The Gulfstream IV-SP (G-IV) is a high altitude, high speed, twin turbofan jet aircraft acquired by AOC in 1996.

"Gulfstream G4 Private Charter Jet"
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The Gulfstream G4, offered to you by us as part of our business activities together with other private airlines, is considered among the leading business jets and larger, and is suitable for 14 passengers.

This plane is considered among the most successful produced, which provide such services, it serves as a model plane built and manufactured aircraft from the same series.

At Aviation Bridge we want to offer you the maximum comfort and range of various services, whether for business private flight to a destination near or far, and whether it is a business flight for personal reasons.

"Jet Charter Gulfstream G4"
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This advanced prestigious aircraft, the pride of the IAI will take you anywhere and any time.

The G4 can seat up to 15 passengers and has a long cabin offering stand up room and a large luggage capacity.

This aircraft offers a high cruising speed and a range of over 4600 miles or up to 9 hrs.

The interior appointments reflect the aircraft’s include in-flight communications and entertainment facilities and flight attendant service.

"Gulfstream G4 Aircraft Charter"
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The Gulfstream has a longer and narrower tube, with room for up to 13 passengers.

Of course it’s still comfortable with business accommodations like WiFi, but it’s not as spacious feeling as the Challenger.

"Gulfstream G4 Airplane Charter"
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The GIV was the first business jet to feature an all-glass digital cockpit and a digital flight-management computer.

GIV customers were able to have completely custom interiors installed, but most featured seating for 12 to 16 with forward or rear galleys

It has a forward crew lavatory and a main executive lavatory in the rear of the aircraft.

"Gulfstream G4 Plane Charter"
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A stateroom, complete with one or two berthing divans, can be created in the rear of the aircraft forward of the main lavatory.

The cavernous 169-cubic-foot baggage compartment is externally accessible.

The galley can be equipped with a microwave, high-speed/-temperature convection oven, two coffeemakers and refrigerated storage. There is ample space for two meal services.

The current G450 may look similar, but it offers more range, new avionics and digital engine controls.

It has a larger cockpit and redesigned cabin entryway, improved cabin altitude and environmental controls, lower fuel burn and better high/hot performance.

"Private Jet Gulfstream G4"
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With a the full-sized galley fully equipped with everything needed for hot and cold food preparation.

It has a high-temperature oven, microwave, full-sized sink with hot and cold water, cooled storage, and two coffee makers.

The GIV's has aggressive climb performance, durability and comparatively low maintenance needs.


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