"Ultra Long Range Jets, Information!"

Ultra Long Range Jets are the biggest and best of the Private Jets with really great range and cabin size.

"The Gulfstream G5"
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The Ultra Long Range Private Jets features greater cabin space and wingspan as well as a sturdier frame.

The Gulfstream G5 is one of the most popular private jets ever made.

As a result, the G5 fuses the capabilities of a larger aircraft with the comfort and flexibility of an executive jet.

The regional jet featured greater cabin space and wingspan as well as a sturdier frame.

The Gulfstream G5 can seat up to 15 passengers comfortably depending on seating configuarations.

"The Falcon 8X"
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The Falcon 8s is one of the newest private jets that Dassualt makes and this aircraft has excellenet short field capabilities, as well as a third engine making it a really safe aircraft.

The Falcon 8x derives from the Falcon 7x and Falcon 5x series, having all of the space and performance capabilities of an airliner at the cost of a smaller plane.

The Falcon 8X is the newest and biggest jet that Falcon makes. It is a 50 million dollar aircraft.

The Private Jet Falcon 8X is generally divided into three cabins zones and can seat up to 15 passengers comfortably.

The Falcon 8X cost $6 per hour to charter and up. This aircraft is the ultimate way to travel.

The largest of the Falcon series, the Falcon 8X offers everything its predecessor, the Falcon 7xX does with a few additions.

"The Falcon 8X Exterior"
falcon 8x exterior, ultra long range jet, heavy jet, private jet
All of the Falcon Corporate Shuttles were designed to transport high volumes of passengers in a cost effective manner.

At the time of the Falcon 8X release, Bombardier called the Falcon 8X the world’s Best ultra-long range private jet.

It is designed to be slightly Bigger and more spacious than the Global Express, for those that value reliability and speed, without using the extensive range capabilities of other jets.

It can fly eight passengers and three crew members 7,000 nautical miles nonstop at a speed of .85 Mach.

The Falcon 8X was the pioneer of ultra-long-range private jets.

At the time of its release, no other private jet had a cabin nearly as large, nor could any jet make such long-range direct flights like New York to Tokyo or Paris to Singapore.

The Falcon 8X offers everything an airliner does – range, comfort, and speed –- without the hassle.

"Ultra Long Rrange Jet Charter"
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The Gulfstream 350 is the next in line of business jet after the successful 300.

However, the 350 is more similar in interior features, aerodynamic design and advanced cockpit to its superior counterpart, the Gulfstream 450.

The only difference between the jets is range: the 350’s range is 3,797 nautical miles while the 450’s is 4,349 nm.

Gulfstream created the G650 to combat tough competition in the heavy-iron category in the 1990’s

Iinternational Jet Charter allows executives to maintain some semblance of a normal life.

The successful intercontinental-range business jet has been a prototype for later Gulfstream models.

"The Global Express XRS"
global express xrs cabin, jet charter, aircraft charter, plane charter
The Global Express XRS bears all of the qualities of its ultra long-range older sibling, but with greater range and a modified design.

They are discreet, attentive, hard-working and as visible as you would like them to be on a Ultra Long Range Global Express 6000.


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