Seats | one or two pilots and 10-19 passengers

Max takeoff weight | 6,000 lbs

Max cruise speed | 230 MPH

Takeoff distance | 3,398 ft

Range | 900 nm

The Diamond DA50 Private Aircraft will be available in three versions—the four-seat 230 hp DA50-IV, the five-seat DA50-V, and the seven-seat DA50-VII. The DA50-VII will be available with retractable gear and a Safran/SMA diesel engine, or as a turboprop, with the Ivchenko Progress/Motor Sich AI-450S turbine.

Diamond DA50 exterior, private aircraft charter
The Diamond DA50 Private Aircraft. Certification and start of production for the four- and five-seat models is expected next year, and the seven-seat version will follow soon thereafter, the company said.

A custom paint scheme is available as an option, designed and airbrushed by Knud Tiroch, who is known for his work on Formula1 race cars in Europe.

The company says it will announce prices for the new airplanes later this year.

Enjoy the business-class like feeling of the spacious DA50 with the largest cabin of any single-engine piston airplane.

diamond da50 interior, private aircraft charter
Pilots and passengers go farther with exceptional fuel efficiency, and remarkable handling characteristics. Travel in luxurious comfort and style.

The DA50 offers the widest, most comfortable and luxurious cabin in its class.

It spoils pilots and passengers alike, with an extra-large cabin, generous front seats with adjustable back and leg rests, larger headrests and tablet mount.

It has adjustable and easy plug sun visors for pilot and co-pilot, dual headset plugs for first and second row, removable control sticks (your co-pilot will probably love it), Garmin keypad GCU integration and optional belt extensions.

The Diamond DA50 private aircraft start’s at $400 per hour and up. The Diamond DA50 Private Aircraft

No wonder it’s the best selling piston twin, by far.


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