Crew: One or two

Capacity: Four passengers

Height 49 in. (1.29 m)

Width 48 in. (1.22 m)

Length 11 ft 8 in (3.55 m)

Range: 1250 nmi.

The Cessna TTx is the fastest fixed-gear piston aircraft in its class. Its efficient laminar-flow wing design, the race-bred engine and the low-drag profile all add up to unprecedented speed.

cessna TTx
The TTx has a lighter and stronger all-composite body and wing that provide a signature stable ride, and remains the only aircraft in its class to hold a rugged Utility Category certification due to its airframe strength. The TTx is certified for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) extending the mission capability of the TTx.

The optional FIKI system extends the TTx’s mission capabilities and enables pilots to file flight plans for varying weather conditions allowing owners’ business and recreational plans to stay on schedule.

FIKI certification is more than additional safety; it’s an added degree of dispatch reliability and travel flexibility.

cessna TTx Charter
Fully lined cabin walls and handcrafted workmanship make each TTx cabin a work of art.

The Blaze series features a crème headliner upper area, creating a warm classic visual experience, accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring.

Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests. While the Lunar series features an ivory headliner upper area, creating a bright sporty environment.

This is accented in classic black contrast details on the lower sidewalls and flooring. Black leather wraps the side stick controls and armrests.

interior cessna TTx
The new Intrinzic flight deck powered by Garmin G2000 avionics is intuitive and designed to compliment the pilot’s knowledge and skill.

The avionics suite of the TTx integrates Cessna’s DirectControl technology, which gives pilots complete, precise command over maneuvering and handling the aircraft. The TTx is so responsive, in fact, you might think you’re flying a jet.

cessna TTx aircraft
Quickly access flight data and communications via the GTC 570 touch-screen controller.

This touch-screen interface enables you to access more menus with fewer keystrokes or page sequences.

Intuitive icons simplify complex functions. Menu structures are shallow and streamlined for rapid utilization.

The touch screen also gives you control of the remote audio/intercom system, transponder codes and idents, electronic checklist entries, as well as flight plan entry and editing.

cessna TTx exterior
Despite its wide range of complex capabilities, the touch screen is designed to never overwhelm.

Back and home keys on its display allow you to quickly retrace your steps or return to the home screen with a single touch.

The Cessna TTX Private Aircraft at this aircraft can be chartered for $400 an hour and up. It always has been, but today’s model is even hotter thanks to Cessna’s focus on enhancing every element.


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