Crew: One or two

Capacity: Six passengers

Length: 36 ft 9⅝ in (11.09 m)

Wingspan: 41 ft 1½ in (12.53 m)

Height: 11 ft 5⅜ in (3.49 m)

Range: 1,487 nmi (2,755 km, 1,712 miles)

The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft sometimes referred to as the Golden Eagle is an American six or seven seat twin-engined light transport aircraft, developed in the 1960s by Cessna as a pressurized version of the earlier Cessna 411.

cessna 421 aircraft
The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft is an airplane that is not a jet, but it provides jet time efficiency for 500 miles or less of trips which encompasses 90% of most business/personal needs. It is a twin engine multipiston (car engine) aircraft that can seat up to six passengers.

cessna 421, private charter aircraft
The CESSNA 421 AIRCRAFT cabin is accessed from a door, on the left hand side behind the wing, and has seating for six on the basic 421, or up to ten on later variants.

The Cessna 421 Multi-piston Airplane is the top-of-the-line Cessna piston twin.

Cessna 421 interior, private plane charter, aircraft flights
Introduced in 1968, it's popularity was proven by a very successful production run of about 1,920 aircraft produced until Cessna shut down its entire piston production line in 1985. The 421 was derived from the 411 model.

The Cessna 421 Plane marketing strategy was to develop a medium twin that could compete with the turboprops of the day yet cost less to acquire and operate.

cessna 421, private plane, charter aircraft
It met this mission well, with over 200 Airplanes sold during the first production year.

While we cannot buy time, we can buy time saving and the ability to fly in/out of smaller airports closer to your work, home or final destination.

This greatly reduces time spent getting from point A to B as well as reducing the stress of operating in/out of busier airports.

cessna 421, private aircraft, Charter flights
421's also incorporated some features only found on larger business jet at the time, including an engine fire detection and extinguishing system and an annunciator panel.

Cockpit visibility is excellent thanks to generous windows and the Airplane is a very stable instrument platform.

The CESSNA 421 AIRCRAFT is arguably the best cabin-class piston twin ever made. To get a better package of performance and comfort requires stepping up to a turboprop.

cessna 421 private plane charter aircraft flights
The Cessna 421 is one of the most popular Twin Engine Propeller planes ever made. This Aicraft can get into very small runways and is a great way to fly!

The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft start’s at $700 per hour and up. The Cessna 421 Private Aircraft.


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