Crew: 1-2
Capacity: 4-6 passengers
Performance 325 mph
Range: 1,700 mi
The TBM 900 Private Aircraft airframe design employs several fail-safe structural design techniques, including the use of multiple load paths and a crack-stopper band to maximize subsystem reliability/durability and structural life. The TBM 900 aircraft is essentially identical to that of the TBM 850 and 700 models.

tbm 900
The TBM 900 airframe designers carefully chose a variety of aluminum alloys, high strength steel (including titanium). However TBM 900 uses more advanced composite materials such as carbon fiber for its new items (winglets, new cowlings, etc.) to maximize structural strength and durability while minimizing aircraft weight and both acquisition and life-cycle support costs.

Carries six adults.
Has a large, quiet, air-conditioned, luxury cabin.
Climbs to 31,000 ft in as little as 18 minutes.
Flies over 1,585 nm with NBAA IFR reserves.
Can slip into a 2,100 ft strip or a mountain runway.

The TBM 900 offers the most elegant and luxurious environment, as you would expect from the best European design and craftsmanship.

Epic E1000 interior
Get a feeling of your new aircraft. Discover the well-designed cockpit as you walk through or from the refined cabin.

Walk around the TBM 900 and learn more about the ultimate aircraft as you open the virtual hotspots.

As has been the case with every new introduction to the TBM family, the latest, the TBM 900, is the best yet by a long shot.

Epic E1000 inside
The gorgeous lines, the speed, the tech refinements and the improved performance across the board.

It combines with all the strengths of a well-proven product to make the TBM 900 a tremendous success.

The TBM 900 private aircraft start’s at $1,200 per hour and up. The TBM 900.

The formula hasn’t changed in the past 25 years for this aircraft, but the TBM has, going through as many as nine iterations (depending on how one counts the model changes) and improving with every one.


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