(Crew + standard pax / Max pax) 4

Cabin Length 12 ft 7

Width 4' 1"

Height 4' 2"

Baggage Capacity 10.0 cu. ft

Max Baggage Weight 70 lb.

Range: Ferry 950 nm.

The Cirrus SR22 Private Aircraft was specifically engineered to give you the lifestyle you want – freedom to go where you want, when you want, without waiting or hassles – and to do it with advanced technological innovation, exhilarating performances and unprecedented style. Make your life possible. For 14 years and counting, the SR22 series has been the best selling aircraft in its class.

Cirrus SR22
The Cirrus SR22 Private Aircraft has cruising and comfort for both the pilot and the passengers with the Yaw Damper. It will practically eliminate the need for rudder input in those extended climbs and turns, allowing for a smoother ride.

Your peace of mind also increases with Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and the Digital 4-in-1 Standby Instrument.

EVS creates an image of what is outside the aircraft by using infrared technology to turn night into day.

The digtal standby instrument provides backup attitude, altitude, airspeed and skid/slip information in a format familiar to today’s glass cockpit aviators.

Cirrus SR22, private aircraft
It’s the reason Cirrus continues to be the world’s best-selling airplane in its class. Now, Xi takes this one step further through individualization – by making you an integral part of the design team for your dream airplane.

A unique experience worthy of every flight you will make in your Cirrus, you will develop a personal working relationship with the Xi Team.

Working one-on-one to tailor your plane to your exact specifications and preferences for materials, colors, designs and more. With Xi, you define the art of the possible.

The key to what Cirrus Perspective+ adds, however, is multi-layered prevention incorporating both passive features that are nearly transparent during flight and active features that reduce pilot workload.

Cirrus is unique in general aviation for offering technology such as digital “smart” servos in the autopilot, ESP, hypoxia check, automatic descent mode and autopilot with under speed protection and stall prevention.

These are just a few of the many layers of safety that give you and your passengers peace of mind.

A true sense of traditional, elegant and luxurious style is captured in the Platinum Appearance premium upgrade in the Cirrus SR22.

The Cirrus SR-22 private aircraft start’s at $400 per hour and up. The Cirrus SR-22 Private Aircraft.


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