Crew: one.

Capacity: 4-6 passengers.

Range 1100 nm.

Cabin width 4" Ft. 5'

Cabin Height 4' Ft. 1"

Cabin Length 12' Ft. 7"

Payload: 1,600 lb (725 kg) cargo.

The Piper Aztec Private Aircraft also known as the Piper PA-23, named Apache and later Aztec, is a four-to-six-seat twin-engine light aircraft aimed at the general aviation market. It has also seen service with the United States Navy and other countries military forces in small numbers.

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The Piper Aztec Private Aircraft was introduced in 1960, and it looked much like the Apache except for a larger, swept vertical fin. The Aztec B, introduced in 1962, established the Aztec profile most pilots are familiar with, adding a sixth seat and a long, blunt nose housing a second baggage compartment.

The Piper Aztec was incrementally refined over the years, but it never really changed much in any big way.

Aside from the wildly instrument panels found on pre-D models, the systems in one are pretty much like the systems in another.

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The Piper Aztec grew from the Piper Apache design, and the two aircraft share the same model numerical designation of PA-23 established during the original Apache certification.

The earliest versions of the Aztec differed only slightly in appearance from the Apache, although early Aztecs featured higher performance obtained from 150-hp engines.

In 1964, these differences became greater with the Aztec C featuring fuel injection, a new configuration, and improved landing gear.

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The 1966 Aztec C was also the first model to offer turbocharging as an option.

The Aztec's docile handling characteristics make it an ideal multi-engine trainer.

If it seems to handle like a giant Cub, that's because it shares the earlier airplane's wing cross-section.

The Turbo model has a cruise speed of 242 mph at 22,000 feet, 961 miles with standard fuel, or 1,318 miles with optional fuel.

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It has excellent short-field capabilities for critical situations. Both Aztecs can clear the equivalent of a five-story building in just 1,700 feet from brake release.

The normally aspirated Aztec’s 75-percent best power cruise is 206 mph with a range of 1,134 miles and 45-minute reserve.

The Piper Azte has never been the fastest light twin, nor the one with the greatest payload, nor the most powerful but it is a great all around aircraft.

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The Piper Aztec in terms of cabin space, load- hauling ability, fuel economy, range, VMC, short-field performance, durability, and accelerate/stop distance, it matched or beat its rivals handily.

The Piper Aztec private aircraft start’s at $500 per hour and up. The Piper Aztec.


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