The Islander private aircraft start’s at $800 per hour and up. The Islander Private Aircraft.


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The original Islander was designed with an emphasis upon providing ease of access within the short haul sector to remote locations as a safe, efficient, and profitable transport aircraft.

It has been regularly used by such operators, including the frequent use of unprepared rough airstrips and from challenging terrain.

The Islander being capable of short takeoff and landing (STOL) operations. The low load height and wide side doors provide for easy access for passenger and cargo operations.

While the aircraft's ability to maintain a high takeoff frequency has led to the type's use for parachuting.

Designed as a small and inexpensive commuter/utility aircraft, various cabin configurations and equipment loadouts are available to suit a wide variety of different purposes.

These include charter flights, scheduled flights, agricultural uses, aerial firefighting, air freight VIP/executive transport, aerial surveillance air ambulance, paradropping, and law enforcement.

"Islander Airplane Interior"
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The design program can be entirely personalized, allowing each customer to be involved in every area of the aircraft's manufacture to mold it to their preferences.

Other things can include a modern interior, ergonomic leather seating, in-flight entertainment systems, and alternative seat arrangements.

The original Islander was designed to allow ease of access on short-haul sectors to remote locations and has been extremely successful in achieving that role both cost effectively and efficiently.

Building on that original concept, the Islander has since been through a series of product refinements.

Low direct operating costs and minimal maintenance. An uninterrupted square section fuselage and flat cabin floor for rapid reconfiguration for a number of roles including cargo, air ambulance and parachuting

Extremely stable platform suitable for photographic and survey work. Under-wing hard points can support pods or spray booms.

In many ways, the Islander could be considered a scaled-down piston powered version of the Twin Otter, it features fixed landing gear and was designed for operation in remote areas.

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In this respect, the Britten Norman Islander has been a success, in fact, it is the best selling commercial aircraft in Western Europe.

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Still in production, the Islander is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft types produced in Europe.

Its Islanders and Trislander aircraft were built in Romania, then shipped to Avions Fairey in Belgium for finishing before being flown to the UK for flight certification.

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a high-wing cantilever monoplane with a rectangular fuselage and two wing-mounted engines.

Early aircraft were equipped with a pair of piston engines while later production models may be alternatively fitted with turboprop engines in their place.

The rectangular cross section fuselage, which is furnished with a conventional tail unit and fixed tricycle landing gear, typically accommodates a single pilot and up to nine passengers.

In a commuter configuration, each row being accessed by its own door; the cabin can be rapidly reconfigured, allowing for a single aircraft to undertake a diverse range of tasks within a minimal period of time.

Often referring to the type as "The world's most versatile aircraft", Britten-Norman promotes the Islander's low direct operating costs, minimal maintenance, and its stability in flight as major attributes of the aircraft.

The Islander/Trislander are somewhat unique in that there is no isle between seats in their narrow fuselage and because of this, every row of seats (each two across) has its own door.

The Trislander seats up to 19, so it has several doors along its fuselage.

Only 73 Trislanders were ordered and it was not nearly as successful a design as its smaller sibling, but Britten Norman intends to reinstate production of this aircraft so, perhaps it will be more successful during its second production run.

In essence, the Trislander was an enlarged Islander with a third Lycoming O-540 engine fitted to the vertical fin making it a very rare three-engine light civilian airplane.

The Islander landing at the infamously short runway on the Caribbean island of Saint Barth (runway is 2,100 feet long).

The Islander features two rugged O-540 Lycomings that produce 260 horsepower and seating for up to 11 people (including pilot(s).

"Islander Airplane Private Charter Flights"
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"The ISLANDER AIRPLANE" in this respect, the Britten Norman Islander has been a success, in fact, it is the best selling commercial aircraft in Western Europe.

"The Islander Aircraft" and Britten-Norman’s bespoke design philosophy is based on an understanding that all customers have individual requirements.

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