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"Each exchanged idea and every shared opportunity magnifies the mutual respect we have for one another."

"Your ability to listen to others’ ideas with concern and an open mind creates an environment of mutual respect where relationships flourish."

"You took the time — and that has made all the difference! You Make a Difference theme."

"It’s your careful attention to detail that makes you so special."

"You consistently “go the extra mile."

"When others rush headlong into new undertakings, you remain mindful of the finishing touches that make a good job a superior job."

"Thank you for taking the initiative. Success can never be achieved unless someone, like you, has the vision and desire to initiate it."

"I really appreciate that you took the time to answer all my questions. I feel that I have a clearer understanding of all of my charter options now. It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to fly with you again in the near future!"

"During a recent family emergency Central Jet Charter Inc., came through for me and my family in ways words cannot express. I cannot say THANK YOU enough! Not only were they able to accommodate all of our unique requests, they exceeded every one of my expectations."

"The recent downturn in the economy made me realize I needed assistance with my Private Jet Charter Travel. After an extensive three month search, I was referred to Central Jet Charter Inc., the team have been managing my Private Jet Charter Travel ever since. If you are serious about working with a professional team with an incredible drive call them today!"

"I highly recommend Central Jet Charter Inc., I have used them three times so far and I can’t even imagine contacting anyone else for my charter needs."

"The outstanding team at Central Jet Charter Inc., took the time to walk me through the process of flying on dead-heads or empty legs. I have saved thousands by being flexible with my travel dates."

"As a travel coordinator for a large company it’s essential that I can rely on and trust my charter provider. I look exclusively to Central Jet Charter Inc., to deliver as advertised on every flight. I would highly recommend them to handle your chartered flights; from short commuter hops to international flights they have handled each of our flights impeccably. The peace of mind they provide is invaluable to our company."

"I have been in the aviation business for well over 20 years. I can state with absolute confidence that Central Jet Charter Inc., is a class act."

"I needed to charter a flight immediately for a family emergency. I have never seen an operator and crew rally so quickly. In less than two hours Central Jet Charter Inc., came to the rescue! I am a customer for life."

"FEEDBACK: Central Jet Charter Inc., will go above and beyond what ever is requested, they are Private Jet Charter and I would highly recommend them."

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At Central Jet Charter Inc., our team of private jet charter are specialists at scheduling and creating private jet travel flights in and out of any major cities.

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We’re ready and waiting to provide first class local jet charter services to plan the perfect private, luxury travel experience.

Customer safety is our number one priority. Each aircraft charter jet offered through Central Jet Charter Inc., as well as charter flight crew members, are subject to extensive screening.

Our private jet charter business takes every precaution with each and every one of our charter flights, pilots and passengers.

"I routinely need to charter flights for the executives in my company. I have relied heavily on Central Jet Charter Inc., this year and I have been thoroughly pleased with each experience."

"Let’s face it… There are so many options out there for charter travel. But, if you are looking for a group of dedicated professionals that will always treat you and take care of you like an old friend, look no further than these guys."

"I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Central Jet Charter Inc., For two months they patiently walked me through the process of purchasing my own aircraft. The depth of their knowledge of aircraft, safety, and the aviation industry in general was without a doubt, the best I have ever seen. I plan on utilizing them exclusively to manage my aircraft."

"This charter plane company boasts experience in all departments of brokering charter flights."

"Central Jet Charter Inc., is known to have an excellent customer service, making sure each individual is offered their ideal charter flight request at the best price possible."

"With as little as 4 hours notice, you could be jetting off in luxury to anywhere in the world, with no upfront costs, membership hassles or acquisition fees."

"C.J.C. Inc., delivers a high level of professionalism to all its clients plus reassuring safety on all aircraft, and with its unique customer loyalty Sky Card program even the most extreme personal requirements can be satisfied high up in the sky."

"Intuitive, flexible and simplistic by design – C.J.C. Inc., On Demand ensures a seamless private jet charter booking process with no long-term commitments and a pay-as-you-fly structure, giving you the freedom and peace of mind you deserve."

"They arrange the jet you want, when you want and get you where you want to go. Just let us know where you’re headed and we’ll take care of the rest."

"Even though I wasn’t ready to charter, the team at Central Jet Charter Inc., took the time to answer all my questions. When I am ready to book, they are the only call I will make."

"Jet Charter Feedback"
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"I was recently referred by a friend to Central Jet Charter Inc., I was amazed and wished I would have been referred to them sooner. Not only are their facilities state-of-the-art, their customer service is outstanding, and their representatives were also very well-informed, patient and friendly. This is combo you don’t often come across in this industry."

"Top notch organization from the ground up; I will without a doubt work with Central Jet Charter Inc., for my next flight."

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