The Piper Seminole private aircraft start’s at $900 per hour and up. The Piper Seminole.


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"Piper Seminole Airplane, Information!"

The Twin Class Seneca V and Seminole balance proven performance, efficiency and simplicity in twin-engine aircraft.

The Trainer Class Warrior, Archer TX, Archer DX, Arrow, Seminole and Seneca V aircraft form the most complete technically-advanced line of pilot training aircraft in the world.

All Piper airplanes feature advanced Garmin avionics in the cockpit. Piper is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.<

The New Piper's Seminole began life about 30 years ago as one of a new breed of multi-engine trainers. It was built with an eye toward safety.

In the light twin's glory years of the 1950s and 1960s, flight instructors and designated examiners had little federal guidance on practical test standards.

In attempts to provide real-life engine-out experiences, some instructors used poor judgment and went too far.

Hair-raising drills such as engine cuts right after takeoff, stalls with a windmilling engine, and engine-out stalls in turns sometimes made engine-out practice all too real.

"Piper Seminole Private Charter"
piper Seminole plane
Seminoles continue to be one of the tamest, friendliest light twins ever built. Major aviation schools top the list of big-volume customers.

Some of the schools that use Seminoles as their flagships include: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (18 Seminoles); FlightSafety International (25); University of North Dakota (14); Pan Am Academy (17); Delta Connection Academy (seven).

The biggest operator — Airline Transport Professionals Inc. (ATP) — with a whopping 76 Seminoles. The overseas market is strong, too.

The Seminole is designed with simplicity in mind. The fuselage and wings are virtual clones of Piper's Arrow single-engine retractable, which explains why some call the Seminole a "Twin Arrow."

The flaps are mechanical, and are actuated by the same stone-simple floor-mounted hand lever used in scads of earlier Piper singles, as well as the new 6X and 6XT.

Two 55-gallon fuel tanks (protected by firewalls) live in huge nacelles behind the engines, and there are only three fuel selector positions: On, Off, and Crossfeed.

Beginning with the 2000 model year, New Piper made some really nice improvements over the original design.

While the new Seminole was created to be an 'everypilot's' light twin, it did have a few unique design features.

For example, it had a new fuel drain sump design with only two drains for the entire system, both on the right side of the fuselage for easy access. And all the fuel was stored in two nacelle fuel tanks.

Piper offered three-blade propellers and propeller synchrophasers as some of the Seminole's options. The 1980 model year also had an improved cabin ventilation system and new exterior paint schemes.

As an instrument flying platform, the Seminole is exemplary. Thanks to the T-tail there's little in the way of pitch changes and re-trimming requirements with configuration changes.

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"Piper seminole, Aircraft Charter!"

nbaa logo, piper Seminole airplane
The Piper Seminole has clearly established itself to be the best multi-engine trainer available today.

The ergonomic seating keeps both the students and instructors relaxed, making the ability to focus on the flight at hand easier.

Heavy-duty vinyls and wear-resistant leathers are hand-fitted to the seats and side-walls, purposed to withstand repetitive use. Air conditioning is available with each aircraft.

When Mr. Piper introduced the Piper Cub in 1937, he had a dream. He felt that everyone should fly. And he believed that Piper could provide everyone with that freedom.

130,000 aircraft later, that dream lives on. Today, Piper Aircraft is the only general aviation manufacturer to offer a complete line of aircraft.

From rugged, reliable trainers to a high-performance turboprop, from student pilot to experienced aviator Piper creates the freedom of flight for everyone.

Piper Aircraft, Inc. has taken a 112-aircraft order from the UND Aerospace Foundation, which provides training and aircraft to the University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. Deliveries begin in the fourth quarter of 2016 and stretch out over eight years.

The next big change came in 2010, when the company offered an all-glass panel featuring the Avidyne Flight Max Entegra integrated flight deck as optional equipment. A year later, Piper introduced the Garmin G500 suite as an option.

Then in mid-2013, Garmin's G1000 suite became standard equipment on the Seminole as well as on Piper's entire fleet. The first G1000-equipped Seminole was delivered to FIT Aviation LLC just a few months ago.

With over twenty years of proven service, the Piper Seminole has gained legendary status in the general aviation market. It now comes standard with a G1000 flight deck.

A Seminole is the perfect option for both personal and training use - it clips along at 162 ktas on 20 gph and is extremely durable given it's all metal construction.

The way we see it, our job is keeping you up where you belong -- whether that’s through aircraft charter, service, flight or any kind of service. We know you’d rather be flying, and everything we do is designed to get you there quickly and keep you there safely. And best of all - our employee-owners will do it all with a smile you’ll remember.

Well established as one of the best advanced trainers available today and also known to be one of the lowest cost multi-engine advanced trainers on the market.

The Seminole offers proven safety, technology and avionics to your fleet – while delivering profits to your bottom line.

Piper Seminole is a proven aircraft you can rely on to deliver advanced flight training procedures and maneuvers or Aircraft Charter– in a safe and forgiving manner.

"The Piper Seminole Private Plane" has clearly established itself to be the best multi-engine trainer available today. With over twenty years of proven service, both students and instructors can appreciate its ability to perform advanced maneuvers and procedures skillfully and safely.

"Piper Seminole Private Aircraft Charter"
piper Seminole airplane
The Seminole remained pretty much the same for the next decade. (Heck, why mess with a winner?) Yet, while the air frame and engines have remained basically unchanged for nearly 25 years, that doesn't mean Piper hasn't kept its littlest twin up with the times.

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