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"Travel Agents" in response to this evolving market demand and the desire to help travel agents become more competitive in the private aviation market place, "Central Jet Charter Inc.", is proud to offer travel agents direct access to true wholesale pricing. Pricing that allows the travel agent to offer their clients below market prices and thus increasing their own bottom line.

"TRAVEL AGENTS" and "CHARTERING A PRIVATE PLANE" is just a phone call away. We look forward to working with "Travel agents" and doing "Plane charters."

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"TRAVEL AGENTS" help to ensure that the trip goes great and everything is taken care of for the client and the "Private Jet Charter."

"PRIVATE CHARTER PLANES" and travel agents are made easy because we assist in setting up the Jet Charter trips. Personal "Travel Agents" will love working with us because we help our "Travel Agents" set up the "Private Plane Service!"

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CHARTER PLANE SERVICE with us are seamless because we always take care of all the details. We look forward to partnering with any Travel Agent and will give special discounts on use of the Private jets.

Private Plane Charter made easy for Travel agents! All it takes is one call to set the entire trip up and we will handle everything from begging to end with the Private Jet!

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Travel Agents - we can save you time and energy while providing you with the best value in Private Charter Jet Flights to assist with your client's trips, while you earn discounts.

There are many important differences between booking a flight on a commercial airliner or a cruise and booking a private jet.

Travel agents with the right clientele have nothing to lose by getting more knoweldge about the basics of the charter jet market.

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As the travel agency industry starts diversifying their service offerings, travel agents around the world are increasingly looking to assist travelers with a variety of "Private Jet" travel and charter operations.

Their customers prefer to employ the agents services because of their relationship with the travel agent and the special highly personalized service only a professional travel agent can provide. We love to hear from TRAVEL AGENTS. We give Travel Agents a discount and will work with you on your commission for the Jet Charter Trip.


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