The King Air 350ER private aircraft start’s at $1,800 per hour and up. The King Air 350ER Private Aircraft.


TOLL FREE #: 1-(800) 717-1062

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"KING AIR 350ER, Information"

Intuitive graphical touchscreen flight planning.

High_resolution Synthetic Vision System (SVS).Convenient presets to reconfigure all three displays with a single touch.

Full multi-sensor flight management system. Integrated touchscreen checklists. Available automatic wireless database and chart uploads.

Open and scalable architecture for future upgrades and mandates. NextGen and precision GPS capabilities.

Of course, there may be some pilots and owners who simply want to go a long way without stopping, and the 350ER can cover more than 2,400 nm at high-speed cruise.

Pro Line Fusions modernized center console provides an alternate input method for flexible, heads-up flying.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion was created with pilot workload in mind. This system offers simplified single-pilot operation to reduce pilot fatigue and reduce operating economics.

"Private Aircraft Charter, KING AIR 350ER"

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"KING AIR 350ER, Aircraft Charter!"

The 350ER could just as easily be called an SP for special missions, because that is what the airplane is designed to fly.

An obvious special mission for an airplane with such fuel capacity is observation where loitering aloft with a big load of sensors is the goal. The 350ER can easily stay on station for more than 12 hours.

In many parts of the world there are simply not good options to stop for fuel because of big bodies of water, hostile terrain or even hostile populations, and the 350ER can bridge those gaps.

You could fly the big turboprop into rugged, out of the way runways to deliver or pickup people or cargo and have enough fuel to make the return trip to civilization.


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