"No Fuel surcharges, No Insurance Fees, No landing charges, 25 hour Jetcard cost only."

"Access to a worldwide fleet of newly manufactured aircraft flown under Part 135 certified pilots and aircraft."

"Enjoy guaranteed availability of your "Private Jet Card" subject to four hours of notice."

"Choice of aircraft includes props, jets, helicopters, all deductable from your cards balance."

"Enjoy the advantages of ownership with 25 Hour Jet Cards without the commitments of ownership and burden of the depreciating the value of the aircraft."

"Utilize up-to-date, well-maintained aircraft within the U.S. as well as Internationally."

JET CHARTER CARD: We have a great Jet Charter Card Program because we are the most flexible and have no type of restrictions or expiration dates. We hope you will sign up with us because we offer a lot of great benefits.

private jet charter aircraft companies benefits planes programs
Jet Charter Cards start at the $25k JET CARD amount which act as a type of prepaid debit Jet Card worth up to 25 hours of occupied flight time giving you access to world-class business jet aircraft without the commitment of ownership.

"Priority Access. Our clients receive priority or guaranteed access to the all "Private Jets."

"No residual value exposure. Unused portions of any Central Jet Charter Inc. Private Flight program are fully refundable."

"No extraneous fees. Leave behind the usual re-marketing, positioning and exit fees. Depending on the program you choose, you won’t be charged peak-day premiums or ferry charges, either. You’ll also get a consistently top-notch experience. "Jet charter card."

"Private Jet Charter Rates" with our "Jet Card Program," are a good choice for those who generally fly between 10-50 hours per year and who are not interested in the acquisition cost and long-term commitment of fractional ownership!

lineage 1000e jet
With Central Jet Charter Inc." "private flight" programs, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of "private jet" ownership with none of the risks.

"Complimentary Wi-Fi on all of our private jets which are equipped with reliable Wi-Fi service so you can stay connected and use your time effectively while in the air."

"Consistent high-touch service. You’ll enjoy the same top-notch service on every Private jet flight."

"Personalized planning. Work with your dedicated Aviation Advisor—available 24×7—to plan and coordinate your private flights, catering and ground transportation."

When you charter a private jet from a charter company, you get – unknown private jet availability (will they have a charter aircraft available when you need it), unknown private jet hourly rates (what will they charge you for your charter flight if you stay overnight or get dropped off for a one way flight).

legacy 600 jet
"JET CHARTER CARD" The price of a multi-year 25-Hour Pre-paid "Jet Card" starts at $25,000** in a "Light Jet" or 1 time 12.5 Hour Cards at $49,500 *Special routes qualify.

private jet charter aircraft companies benefits planes programs
Central Jet Charter Inc., 25 HOUR JET CARD acts as a type of prepaid debit worth up to 25 hours of occupied flight time giving you access to world-class Business Jet Aircraft without the commitment of ownership

"Private Jet Cards" can be broken down into two categories based upon providers: those that are provided by a company with a single, dedicated fleet of "Private Aircraft," and companies like ours that offer the "Jet card."

With our private jet flight programs you’ll enjoy all the benefits of private jet ownership with none of the risks.

jet card charter
Jet Charter Card" provides you advance purchase a block of flying hours by depositing a specified dollar amount into an account that will be applied towards each "Charter Flight."

Additionally, our "Jet Card Programs" differ from traditional "Private Jet Charter" in that we do not charge for deadhead or empty legs and offer reduced hourly flight rates for deadhead trips.

aircraft charter services
"JET CHARTER CARD" FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP share or a Pre-paid flight card program, supplementing it with Central Jet Charter Inc., membership really does offer you the best of both worlds. Through our program, you have access to last minute availability and a fixed occupied hourly rate.

"Guaranteed aircraft availability and guaranteed rates for the life of the Jet Card."

"Hourly rates locked in for one year and include fuel surcharges with no positioning fees."

"Concierge services included on every flight."

"No repositioning or ferry fees, only pay for the time you fly."

Jet Chard Membership is your chance to experience the service that accompanies Private Jet Charter. Jet Cards which works as a type of Prepaid Jet Debit Card. They include upgraded bigger aircraft when available, as well as extra catering and ground transportation.

jet card membership
JET CARD MEMBERSHIP starting at $25k to 1 million on any Private Aircraft of your choice. C.J.C. Inc., Jet Cards come with a money-back guarantee. We offer any type of arrangement that suits your needs with our "Jet Charter Card Programs."

"Access to virtually all of the islands in the Caribbean without ferry fees."

"Safety: Peace of mind of having your flights arranged your own Aviation Specialist."

"Ability to load more hours to your card without penalty."
"True 24/7/365 Account Management and Flight Operations Support."

Jet charter card works just like a debit card. We have increments of $25k and up, and the jet card includes many great benefits.

Upgrades to bigger aircraft when available. V.I.P. Catering and ground transportation included at no extra charge!

jet card, membership aircraft programs, private plane charter
Jet charter card program is the most flexible in the Industry. With the most flexible private flight program in the industry, we make it easy for virtually any "Private Air Charter" client to own a pre-paid "Central Jet Charter Card."

"No long-term contract. Refundable deposit."

"Charter Price Guarantee."

"Flexibility to change size of Aircraft without penalties."

"Pay once, fly all year. No more processing payments after each flight."

"Simple budgeting."

"Single point of contact. Fast, easy booking."

With our cards which are much better then Fractional Jets! We can also do private jet management for you.

Hourly rate is all inclusive of landing, ramp, and overnights. Reach this page directly at Our Jet Cards start at $25k and go up in $25k increments.

jet card, private jets, private flights
Jet Card Membership includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black, and Centurian Cards Availible and all come with Great Benefits.

The private jet charter card will include free catering and limo services, as well as many other benefits.

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