Having standard seating for seven passengers, the CJ2+ give you a club plus two seating arrangement with a supplementary seat accessible utilizing the belted-flushing toilet.

Simple to fly, delivering exceptional performance, this aircraft is outfitted with a number of security and performance enhancing characteristics.

So you can bring along what you want while the cabin of this phenomenal business jet will be organized.

The CJ1+ and CJ2+’s performance is enhanced by a unique natural laminar-flow wing, which maintains an uninterrupted flow of air across a greater area of its surface. To operators of these aircraft, this translates to an increase in airspeed when compared to earlier designs.

Extending nearly three feet longer than the CJ1 cabin (.91 m), the spacious CJ2+ interior is larger than those of some jets costing many millions more.

Having a better performance Cessna Citation CJ2+ (Model 525A) uses less fuel and delivers for passengers and pilot the best comfort, more advanced avionics and FADEC controls.


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