The cabin interior is designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. It has a maximum flying range of 1,178 nm with four occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves.

The first aircraft was delivered in December 2008, when price was US$ 3.6 million, while price was $4.5 million in 2015.

It has an oval fuselage with a 7.985 m³ passenger cabin, a 1.47m-high by 0.74m-wide (4.5'x2.1') door and 1.2'x1' windows, and an unpressurized 1.70 m³ (60ft3) cargo hold.

Its structural life is 28,000 flight cycles or 35,000 hours, built of 20% composite materials. A Phenom 100 may cost around US $2-3/mile to operate, whereas the G650 and similar may cost $5–6.

The aircraft is fitted with two rear-mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617-F turbofan engines rated at a take-off thrust of 7.2 kN (1,695 lb) to ISA+10.


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