High Speed Cruise, knots 370

Range, 1,000 (NM)

Passengers: 4

1000 NM Mission, Flight Time 3+15

The Eclipse 550 very light jet features best in class performance, economics, and safety. With the ability to fly at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a max cruise of 430 mph, all while consuming a mere 59 gallons of fuel per hour, the Eclipse 550 is the most efficient twin-engine private jet on the planet.

eclipse 550
The Eclipse 550 is a Very Light Jet (VJL) that is great for shorter trips, and they can seat up to four Comfortably. This aircraft can seat up to 4 passengers comfortably and has a range of 1k miles. The Eclipse 550 has a new production twin-engine jet from Eclipse aerospace, features best in class performance, economics, and safety.

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The Eclipse 550 added safety features such as Auto Throttles, Anti-Skid Brakes, Synthetic Vision, and Enhanced Vision, you begin to understand that the Eclipse 550 will truly change the way the world looks at General Aviation Jet's."

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The Eclipse 550 Private Jet delivers everything you need to fly in comfort and in style. With ergonomically designed interior appointments constructed from the finest materials available, you will be free to work or rest, play or dream.

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The Eclipse 550 let's you enjoy the quiet of your flight; talk to your companions without having to raise your voice above the screaming engines.

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The Eclipse 550 Private Aircraft is a new class of Light Jets and this Jet is available in as a business jet that is hundreds of thousands of dollars less expensive than its nearest competitor.

Its operating costs are 35% lower than its nearest competitor, which is no small feat.

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The Eclipse 550 offers features and technologies that other "light jets" can only dream about.

Features that enhance efficiency in order to lower the cost of ownership. The Eclipse 550 is head and shoulders above the Eclipse 500 in fit, finish and functionality.

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The Eclipse 550 also offers the most robust set of safety features available in the light jet market, and all in the only twin-engine jet available for under $3MM.

The Eclipse 550 private jet start's at $1,200 an hour and up. Eclipse 550 Very Light Jet.


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