"JET CHARTER CARD, to the Private Jets!"

Here's the Central Jet Charter Inc., comparison guide to fractional jet ownership, jet cards, jet sharing and private jet charter.

"Private Jet Charter Card"
jet charter card
Whether this is a quarter, an eighth, etc. A sixteenth share typically would give you 50 hours of flying time.

The most cost effective way to fly by private jet depends on the type of flight, and the amount of flying that you do in a year.

Some private jet customers will compare the price for each flight through their fractional ownership, jet card and on the private jet charter marketplace.

The majority of private flights are more cost effective by private charter. That's because it can be difficult to get a bottom line price for fractional jet ownership, depending on the operator and your contract which may have additional charges and fees, such as fuel surcharges.

However if you fly a lot of one way journeys or fly from regions on the extreme edges of continents (eg Greenland) it can sometimes be more cost effective to use fractional jet ownership, as you only pay for the time you are in the air.

Some private jet companies are now offering the "jet share" concept, flyers can buy spare seats on a private aircraft which has already been chartered.

Whilst this can offer a cost effective way of travelling by private jet, it does mean that users can't take advantage of the flexibility of private jet flight.

You have to travel when and where the original flight charterer has arranged. If the flight ends up being cancelled or delayed your flight will no longer be available.

Chartering a private jet empty leg (at prices up to 75% off a standard charter) can offer you cost effectiveness and you still retain the control of the flight route and time.

Private jet charter allows you to compare prices of various aircraft, from helicopters to large business jets, for each of your bespoke flight itineraries, enabling you to get the most cost effective private jet flight possible.

While there are many private jet charter companies out there we offer a unique online platform which simplifies the entire private jet charter process. With us, you get access to a live global network of over 7,000 accredited aircraft and a rapid response speed, which can allow you to book the best available private aircraft, at the most competitive market price, in as little as 90 minutes.

But today, card programs may offer round trip discounts, peak and off-peak rates, use of multiple aircraft models with no interchange fee and refundable deposits instead of a “use it or lose it” policy on pre-purchased flight time.

Before comparing program details, evaluate your business jet usage to see whether a card would make sense for you.

Cards aren’t inexpensive on an hourly basis compared with other private-jet alternatives, but particularly if you fly 15 to 40 hours per year, they can offer a simple and convenient way to go. A card locks in costs and, unlike charter, guarantees you an aircraft whenever you need it.

We also us locally-based aircraft and crew you know and trust, with a guaranteed ARGUS standard of safety for each and every flight.

How can we offer so much better service? We save the availability of access to thousands of aircraft for our Jet Card Members. We will though offer all prospective clients a one-time Trial Jet Card flight to try our service before becoming a Member.

As a Jet Card Member, you’ll also enjoy having no financial strings attached, like a private jet charter jet, since our Jet Card Membership program is totally refundable and never expires.

So there’s zero financial risk or long term commitment – only dependable, guaranteed private jet service.

Consider your options before you charter a private jet – do you really want to rely on an unknown private jet charter service? We get to know you as a person as well as a valued client.

Jet cards, introduced just over a decade ago as bait for fractional-ownership programs, are now the access option of choice for many business aviation users.

The cards are even finding a place in the wallets of numerous aircraft owners and dedicated charter customers.

These debit-style cards were created to mirror the benefits of fractional shares, with one-way pricing, guaranteed access to a specific model of jet and concierge service–all without the capital investment or commitment of ownership.

Unknown private jet aircraft (what charter aircraft do they have to service you and what size aircraft), unknown private jet crew (do the crew members have the experience and training necessary to fly you into high traffic airports and mountain airports).

Also unknown private jet safety (did the required maintenance take place, did the pilots have the proper training, rest and duty times, etc).

As a Member in our Jet Card Membership program, you’ll enjoy having guaranteed availability of any size private jet, with guaranteed hourly rates.

Jet Charter cards for almost 5 years, "Central Jet Charter Inc." has perfected the jet card model, making it a sophisticated, flexible alternative to jet ownership, fractional arrangements and other "Jet Card Programs."


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