Passenger Capacity: 19 – 180

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 485

Range (nm): 3,200

Cabin Width: 12′ 1″

Cabin Height: 7′ 4″

Cabin Length: 113'

Baggage Capacity: 984 ft3

The Airbus A321 Family’s largest member – the A321 – offers airline customers the best seat-mile costs of any single-aisle aircraft and seating capacities comparable to that of a wide body jetliner. We also have the V.I.P. Airliner which is gutted and made into a luxury home in the sky.

airbus A321
The Airbus A321 has wider aisle for faster boarding and easier cabin movement; and even a hybrid layout. Overall passenger comfort is further enhanced by the A321’s optional in-flight entertainment systems.

airbus A321 interior
With a range of up to 4,000 nm. /7,400km., the A321 is capable of flying longer routes, for example transatlantic flights from Europe to U.S East Coast.

The A321 benefits from operational commonality with its fellow A320 Family members, providing carriers with tremendous versatility in matching aircraft to specific route requirements.

airbus A321 charter
While passengers benefit from the A321’s state-of-the-art cabin design, airlines profit from the unique operational versatility of Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft – with the option to provide wider seats and enhanced comfort.

As with other members of the A320 Family, a new interior for the A321 creates a modern, fresh environment while also providing a significant increase in overhead stowage

interior airbus A321
There is a noticeable reduction in noise, along with options for ambience lighting. Additionally, it weighs less than the previous-generation interiors.

The Airbus A321 V.I.P. Airliner start’s at $10,000 per hour and up. The Airbus A321 V.I.P. Airliner.


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