Pilots rated on the A318 also can transition more easily to the other fly-by-wire members of Airbus’ product line due to their high degree of commonality.

Going beyond functional, this is how a good passenger experience is turned into one that passengers cannot wait to repeat. Just imagine where the superior ambiance of the Airspace by Airbus cabin can take you.

Innovation is added to Airbus’ comfort and design fundamentals – benefitting both passengers and airlines. This has been a key to the success of the company and its airline customers

The Airbus A318 extends the Airbus A320 Family product line into the 100-seat commercial jetliner market segment.

"Airbus 318 Exterior V.I.P."
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Also incorporated in the A318 is Airbus’ digital cabin management system, which controls the operating of cabin lighting, pre-recorded messages, emergency evacuation signalling and other cabin-related tasks.


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