The KING AIR 200 and the Beechcraft Super King Air family is part of a line of "twin-turboprop aircraft" produced by Beechcraft. The "King Air" line comprises a number of model series that fall into four families: the Model "King Air 90 Private Airplane."

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Series, Model "KING AIR 100" series (these models comprising the King Air family), "Model 200" series and "Model 300" series. The latter two models were originally marketed as the "Super King Air" family, but the "Super" was dropped in 1996.

The "Model 200" was originally conceived as the Model 101 in 1969, and was a development of the "The King Air 100 Turboprop Airplane."

king air 200 interior
The King Air 200 had essentially the same fuselage as the Model 100, with changes to the rear fuselage to accommodate a new T-tail (in place of the 100's conventional tail with all-moving trimmable horizontal stabilizer) and structural changes to allow higher maximum pressurization.

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The KING AIR 200 comfortably seats 7 passengers – and with a private aft lavatory, in-cabin baggage compartments and a vertical oval cabin design that lends itself to superior head and shoulder room.

The King Air 200 Turboprop Aircraftin which fliers are guaranteed a convenient and effortless on-board experience. This fine Aircraft’s amenities are rounded out by WiFi Internet, XM Radio, iPod docks, two 10” monitors, a Flight Phone and an enclosed lavatory.

king air 200 inside
The KING AIR 200 with our staff will be glad to accommodate your business or personal "private jet charter flight" requirements to ensure you receive the utmost in customer service.

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