"The King Air 250 Private Aircraft" and the "Beechcraft Super King Air" family is part of a line of "twin-turboprop aircraft" produced by Beechcraft.

The legendary comfort of the "King Air’s" square-oval interior offers generous head and shoulder room, unmatched by conventional cabin cross-sections.

king air 250 interior
"The KING AIR 250" and the "Super King Air" family has been in continuous production since 1974,[6] the longest production run of any civilian turboprop aircraft in its class.

The King Air 250 has outlasted all of its previous competitors and as of 2009 the only other Aircraft in its class is the "Piaggio Avanti."

king air 250 inside
"The King Air 250 Private Airplane" in December of 2009, the "B200," "B200GT" and the larger "B300" are the production models.[6] Special mission derivative versions of these models are also available for order. These Aircraft also come with great "Rates & Costs."

The "King Air" is the world’s most popular business aircraft. Why? Because a medium-range "business aircraft" must be able to land almost anywhere and perform flawlessly in all conditions. The King Air 250 Turboprop Airplane.

"The King Air 250 Aircraft" spacious club seating with integrated work tables allows you to get down to business in-flight or simply relax and dine with friends. Try out the King Air 250 Aircraft Amenities," they do come with a lot!

king air 250 plane, aircraft charter
The KING AIR 250 accomplishes these tasks better than any other aircraft in its class. With the addition of composite components and a new ram air recovery system that ensures maximum power, the "King Air 250" continues to build on the reputation of keeping its passengers comfortable during every trip.

The KING AIR 250 has a spacious, handcrafted interior, the King Air 250 is remarkably versatile and comfortable.

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