Enviro-systems pressurization and outflow solutions are industry-leading, technologically-advanced climate systems for cabin-class aircraft, with a fully-functional, ground-operable air conditioning system also provided.
Deicing equipment includes pneumatic boots on wings, plus heated windshield and propeller.
Torque limiter facilitates flight operations and enhances safety.
Automatic fuel balancing system eliminates need to manually switch fuel tanks.

The Epic E1000 like no other aircraft in its class fully optimizes the benefits of carbon fiber: a superior, stronger, very light weight, highly-moldable material that reduces the number of required parts and results in a more streamlined, efficient production process that ultimately translates into a lower purchase price and lower cost of ownership for customers. That’s innovation you can bank on!

Epic E1000 interior seating
Prepare to be impressed. "The Epic E1000 is sleek and statuesque, with elegant lines that draw attention on even the busiest ramps. The cockpit and cabin are spacious, with generous head and legroom able to accommodate 6’8″ tall pilots and passengers.

The innovative, ergonomically designed all-glass flight deck features the latest in advanced situation awareness and consolidated workflow, emphasizing intuitive, functional, safe and comfortable flight operations.

Epic E1000 interior
The sculpted, leather-detailed carbon fiber yoke facilitates one-handed flight operations and integration with e-tablets and devices. Custom avionics, including synthetic vision displays, GPS and integrated auto-pilot, are all incorporated into the Epic E1000, with vital traffic, weather, terrain and engine monitoring systems all standard. "The Epic E1000 Turboprop Aircraft."

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