The Piaggio Avanti is said to have good fuel efficiency relative to other small turbojets flying in the same speed and altitude range.

Flight International stated: "The Avanti has no direct turboprop competitors, its closest jet rivals are the Raytheon Premier I and the Cessna Citation CJ2+.

Interior noise is lower than conventional turboprop aircraft, because the propellers and engine exhausts are located behind the cabin.

Think of the Avanti II as a jet with props and you’ll be close to the mark, though in many respects, it’s not an easy mental shift to make.

Most immediately noticeable is its small forward wing at the nose, the rounded fuselage, and the rear-facing propellers, but each design component serves a specific purpose in improving the aircraft’s performance and passenger experience.

The twin-engine turboprop, priced at roughly $7.5 million, is strikingly different in appearance to its counterparts.

The other huge advantage of the configuration is that it opens up the fuselage, allowing a cabin that is closer to that of midsize jets than light jets.

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For private owners, charter customers and fractional owners, the big cabin is a major selling point. The cabin, interestingly, isn’t symmetrical; it’s a little cozier up front than in back.

In the end, the Avanti configuration allows it to achieve light jet speeds in the same way as light jets do, by using a very small, highly loaded wing to go with a good dose of power.

The Avanti takes that formula and pushes it to the design edge, achieving that performance with a great deal less power than in comparable jet products and with the best cabin in the class by a long shot. It’s a great formula.

The airplane has been constantly improved over the past decade, with new interiors, higher max takeoff weight, higher Vmo and avionics upgrades galore.

The Avanti II gets its best range figures, up around 1,500 nm, at higher altitudes and lower fuel burns.

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Along with the airplane’s great cabin and operating economies, has made the Avanti the airplane that has helped create the remarkable success for Aircraft charter.

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