Aerion AS2 cabin, jet charter, aircraft charter
WINDOWS are larger than the Boeing 787’s (the best in commercial aviation), and measure 13 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Considerable attention has been given to window and seating placement for optimum viewing angles from every seat.

Eight large windows were selected as the most attractive and functional arrangement. This configuration allows for three windows between each of the two cabin seating areas, with every individual passenger having a window at a good viewing angle.

Aerion AS2 seating
SOUND REDUCTION will be a significant engineering objective. Aerion’s objective is a passenger area dB level equivalent to best-in-class sound levels in the ultra-long-range segment.

Aerion AS2 cockpit
The AS2 is different than any airplane that has come before, principally in terms of aerodynamics and sheer performance. Its outline is the new shape of practical and efficient supersonic flight.

Unlike other aircraft, it employs a supersonic natural laminar flow wing and other drag-reducing features.

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