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For a large number of buyers, the early models of "Piper’s Cheyenne" series fulfill these requirements. "Central Jet Charter Inc." can set up your next trip in a "Piper Cheyenne TurboProp Aircraft."

The Piper Cheyenne early models, we mean the original Cheyenne (later renamed Cheyenne II), the "Cheyenne IA," and the stretched "Cheyenne IIXL." The other three Cheyenne models, the III, IIIA, and 400LS, don’t really fit into the entry-level category.

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The Piper Cheyenne Private Aircraft is an aging Airplane, the Cheyennes have remarkably few major maintenance problems or Air worthiness directives. Structurally, they have weathered well over the years. Corrosion of the airframe has been rare, thanks to Piper’s use of extensive anti-corrosion treatments and epoxy primers.

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"The Piper Cheyenne Aircraft" both individual and corporate owners, the early Cheyennes make sense as step-up purchases, as long as the combination of low price, low maintenance, and high-performance remains in vogue. We offer the Best Private Jet Charter Aircraft Service.

The PIPER CHEYENNE. is a "turboprop aircraft" built by "Piper Aircraft." The PA-42 Cheyenne is a larger development of the earlier PA-31T Cheyennes I and II, which are, in turn, turboprop developments of the PA-31 Navajo.

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The new air frame could stand larger imputs of power, so before they experimented with jets they decided to put a much more powerfull engine on the Cheyenne III in 1984. The Piper Cheyenne can be chartered for $600 per hour and up.

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