"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000, Private Jet Charter!"

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The Bombardier's Global 5000 is a smaller version of the Global Express XRS. The Global 5000 offers a long flight range of up to 5000 miles, while remaining more cost-effective than it's larger stablemate.

Like the larger Global Express, the cabin is designed to be comfortable for the duration of long transoceanic flights.

The Global 5000 cabin is typically divided into three areas, which can include a VIP bathroom or a stateroom.

Extensive cabin insulation cuts down on noise and improved engines produce less audible vibration.

Bombardier is particularly proud of the 3-zone Global 5000 cabin—42 ft 6 in by 8 ft 2 in—and of the fact that it’s engineered to be among the most effective offices in the sky.

Compared to the G450, the 5000’s seated area is 20 inches larger. It’s also wider by 10 in at center line and by 17 in at floor line.

In contrast with the Falcon 900EX, the 5000’s seated area is 48 inches larger, 6 in wider at centerline and more than 8 in wider at floorline.

"Global Express 5000 Private Jet Charter"
interior global express 5000
The Global 5000’s handling qualities and flight deck layout—and by its well-conceived levels of automation.

But the individual or the company looking to buy a super-large-category business jet is going to be more interested in cabin spaciousness and functionality.

They won’t be disappointed in this regard, either. The Global 5000 seems to me to be a great deal. It also offers the most performance, range and cabin in its class.

Bombardier shrunk the Global Express to come up with the Global 5000, as it was a less expensive and faster option than designing and certifying an all-new airplane—buyers are going to be the winners here.

Built for maximum comfort and speed, Bombardier’s Global 5000 aircraft easily outclasses all competitors within the same business class, offering more space, more technology and more performance.

Passengers can enjoy astounding city pairs, including non-stop capabilities from continental Europe to the U.S. West Coast.

The Global Express 5000 Private Plane is equipped with advanced, reliable Cabin Electronic Systems.

The Aircraft offers business travelers the same high-calibre, high-speed connectivity capabilities and office options they enjoy on the ground, plus on-demand news/weather/sports packages along with a theatre of entertainment choices.

"Global Express 5000 Charter Flights"
global express 5000, private air charter, charter aircraft flights
The Global Express 5000 Private Airplane can fly eight passengers and three crew members 4,800 nautical miles nonstop at a speed of .85 Mach.

Flying faster and farther and climbing quicker than any other business jets in their class.

The Bombardier Global aircraft offer spacious cabins that provide maximum flexibility for VIP transport and Air Ambulance requirements.


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