"KING AIR 350i, Aircraft Charter!"

The Beechcraft King Air 350i surpasses its predecessor’s high-caliber performance with more payload capability and range.

It has a quieter interior with standard Wi-Fi, and Pro Line Fusion avionics with full touch-screen simplicity.

"Exterior King Air 350i"
king air 350i exterior
The King Air is the world’s most popular business turboprop aircraft – a title never simply granted.

It has earned again and again with continuous enhancement over five decades. The King Air 350i. True to its legacy of innovation.

A modern cabin that optimizes leg, shoulder and headroom is complimented by fine leathers and attention to detail.

Pro Line Fusion is an intuitive touch-screen flight deck that simplifies how we aviate, navigate and communicate.

Featuring standard synthetic vision and enhanced situational awareness, there is no need to search through FMS menus.

It’s where the power of simplicity meets cutting-edge performance, durability and reliability.

Enjoy direct access to critical information such as waypoints, routing, weather and all flight planning tools.

There's no more fuel-efficient way to fly 10 people to their destination than with the Beechcraft King Air 350i twin-turboprop plane.

A similar size jet usually burns at least a fifth more fuel. The 350i has other merits, such as a ludicrously strong air frame and landing gear.

This makes it one of the only aircraft that can take off with both a full passenger load and a full fuel load (providing for extremely long ranges) in virtually any temperature, and on runways too short for similar turboprops or jets.

"Aircraft Charter King Air 350i"
king air 350i interior
But the emphasis is on bulk travel. Corporations choose King Airs in the name of thrift, but private buyers are more interested in ferrying entire clans to distant climes.

With room for up to nine passengers, the King Air 350i can transport an entire team of employees in comfort.

The King Air 350i has more to offer than just attractive operating economics. As a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 23 commuter-category aircraft.

It delivers much the same one-engine-inoperative (OEI) takeoff safety margins as a FAR Part 25 transport-category jet.

The King Air 350i provides essentially the same single-engine performance margins as an transport-category jet.

While a 300-kt. King Air 350i lacks the panache of a 430-kt. turbofan, it is only 20-30 min. slower than a jet on shorter trips and burns 20% less fuel.

The duration of most business aircraft trips is less than 2 hr., and most missions are no longer than 300-600 nm.

The 350i provides cost-effective transportation for 8-10 passengers at a significantly lower operating cost than a comparable jet.

While a turboprop never has the sex appeal of a jet, there’s no denying the impressive speed/efficiency flexibility found in the King Air 350.

Add to that the no-compromises ability of the 350 to carry a huge load out of short runways, and it is a worthy competitor to jets.

The Beech King Air 350i is the latest version of Beechcraft's largest turboprop and it incorporates a number of refinements.

It now serves as the real-life phoenix of the new Beechcraft, a leaner and financially stronger company since its reorganization and relaunch.

Ideal for long-range flights yet efficient enough for shorter trips, the King Air 350i can routinely reach either coast non-stop from the Central U.S.

The King Air 350i is more down-to-earth than the Hawker jets that previously topped its product range, a mix of old and new that defines the company's more modest ambitions.


  1. The King Air 350i is one of the newest models made by Beechcraft.


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