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Granted, the '70s were the decade of orange shag carpets and avocado-colored kitchens, but they weren't all bad.

In today's '70s-like less is more climate, the Gulfstream G350 could experience a popularity resurgence.

Its price/performance equation hearkens back to the GIII transcontinental workhorse that in many ways established Gulfstream as the large-cabin business jet leader back in that fabulous decade.

The G350 features a large cabin, coast-to-coast range and a price tag only slightly more than that of a super-midsize jet.

Compared with its long-range G450 sibling, the G350 costs $5 million less, has a maximum takeoff weight that is 3,000 pounds lighter and has only 550 nautical miles less range.

The G350's prime appeal is simple: When it comes to aircraft cabins, size has no substitute. Realizing this, Gulfstream introduced the G300 in 2002.

It was admittedly a niche player, a large-cabin business jet with slightly reduced range and a lower price than its G400 sibling. The G350 was first delivered in 2005. It is basically a G300 with the PlaneView avionics system.

The Gulfstream G350 cabin is spacious enough to warrant superb comfort. Standard luxury features include large cabin space, seating for 12-16 passengers in a typical configuration.

The cabin is pressurized and fully customizable with options including showers, a stateroom, entertainment centers, and flat screen monitors.

"Gulfstream G350 Private Plane Charter"
gulfstream g350, private charter aircraft, charter jets
View major cities like you’ve never seen it before, from thousands of feet in the air inside a Gulfstream G350 This plane is great for trips, casual flights, and site seeing tours among other choices. Charter one today.

This allows pilots to fly it and other PlaneView-equipped Gulfstreams, such as the G450, G500 and G550, with the same type rating. Such a mixed fleet works well for larger flight departments.

With this amount of power, the jet climbs to 37,000 feet in 15 minutes, one minute faster than the 300. Its certified flight ceiling is 45,000 feet.

It is similiar in design to its sister ship, the large-cabin, long range G450.

While the G450 can fly 550nm (1,019km) farther than the G350, both aircraft feature the same spacious cabin. The first aircraft was delivered in July 2005. In 2013 Gulfstream ceased marketing the G350.

By marrying the shorter range with the large cabin capabilities of the traditional Gulfstream brand, Gulfstream has made for another successful product.

The different configurations can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 16 passengers in the utmost of comfort.

Gulfstream G350 is a delightful heavy jet capable of superb quality and comfort.

With features including a spacious interior, aerodynamic design and advanced cockpit to its superior counterpart the Gulfstream 450.

Few aircraft can combine the range, capabilities and presence of the G350. The G350 has six distinct floor plans, allowing for up to a maximum of 16 passengers.

"Gulfstream G350 Jet Charter"
gulfstream g350, private jet charter
The Gulfstream G350 Private Jet best-in-class baggage volume includes fold-down shelving and space that can be individually configured to store golf clubs, ski gear or bulging suitcases. Each cabin seat is equipped with built-in storage as well.


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