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When Bombardier launched the Global Express back in 1993, it was a revolutionary move to create an airplane that would extend the range of the purpose-built biz jet in an attempt to keep pace with its rival Gulfstream.

"Interior Global Express 6000"
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Over the next couple of decades, the companies have played leapfrog, with innovative airplanes that enjoyed remarkable sales success while pushing the state of the art ever higher.

The innovations have included new avionics capabilities.

Integrating large flat-panel display systems and a variety of cutting-edge safety systems, including head-up displays.

It has enhanced-vision system, airborne datalink, advanced systems monitoring and increasingly capable and smart auto flight systems.

The cabin amenities to make that range not merely tolerable but pleasant and productive.

It’s easy to see why those with the need to do business from one end of the Earth to the other will find the Global 6000 a tool that’s hard to beat.

"Global Express 6000 Aircraft Charter"
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Jet Charter in the Global Express 6000 is the ultimate way to travel and we can set the trip up for you.

"Global Express 6000 Jet Charter"
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But what it can do makes even its beauty pale in significance. With a 6,000 nm range at Mach .85, a transcontinental range at Mach .88.

The Global Express, while featuring the same generous fuselage cross section as Bombardier’s Canadair Regional Jets, boasted a new highly swept (35 degrees) supercritical wing.

"Global Express 6000 Private Jets"
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A luxurious interior designed for a small contingent of VIP passengers. Like its prime competitor, the Global Express (frequently referred to simply as the “Global”).

It was outfitted with BMW/Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, putting out about 15,000 pounds of thrust apiece with unprecedented fuel efficiency.

The combination gave the Global Express a range of nearly 6,500 nm, which meant the airplane theoretically could go anywhere on the planet with a single stop for fuel.

Since its first delivery nearly 15 years ago, the Global Express has evolved. Today there are two models, the slightly smaller, less rangy Global 5000 and the Global 6000, which entered service just last year.

Bombardier has delivered more than 400 Global aircraft.

"Global Express 6000 Plane Charter"
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At its ceiling of 51,000 feet, the Global 6000 maintains a cabin altitude of lower than 6,000 feet, a remarkable figure and one that helps assure passengers will arrive at their distant destination refreshed and ready to go.

The cabin itself is a work of art, though I got to enjoy it only while on the ground — pity.

For the 6000’s cabin, Bombardier designers created a sleek, elegant and clean design that is also smartly laid out and comfortable even for the long haul.

"Fly a Global Express 6000"
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The cabin itself is wide — Bombardier claims nearly a foot wider than the competition — and there are 27 feet of length for the compartment.


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