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"Honda Jet Plane Charter"
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It’s called cabin space, and HondaJet provides more of it than any other jet in its class. But to you and your fellow passengers, it’s much more than a cabin.

It’s a workspace, thinking space, quiet space, and a relaxing space. These are the true inspirations behind the HondaJet’s interior and why Honda designers meticulously considered every detail.

From the completely adjustable executive seating to the fully private lavatory and a host of other modern amenities.

The six-passenger bullet cruises at 420 knots — about 0.63 Mach — and gets power from a pair of specially designed turbofans developed through a joint venture with General Electric.

What makes the HondaJet really unusual, though (besides the fact that it's being made by the same company that makes the Civic) is a unique engine mount that gives the plane its trademark appearance.

Where most jets of this…

stratos 714
The Stratos 714 Flies high above the weather at FL 410. The Stratos 714 can traverse the United States from Miami to Seattle in seven hours flight time against 50 knot headwinds, with a single stop and a full payload. Until now, no personal aircraft could accomplish this feat.

To achieve speeds in excess of 400 knots with an NBAA IFR range of 1,500 nautical miles, the Stratos exploits the full potential of advanced technology, space age materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

stratos 714 interior
Comparing aircraft is not simple! There is little consistency from one manufacturer’s brochure to the next. It is no surprise that manufacturers seek to present their own performance in the best possible light and that the particular light chosen is unlikely to show the best side of their competitors.

In their attempts to make the best comparison, som…

"The Honda Jet"
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Given their cost-effectiveness and convenience it's not surprising that the market for VLJs has been soaring, with average annual growth of 284% pa from 2006-2010.

While the market for VLJs has been steady, the industry itself has not – several of the manufacturers we covered back in 2007 have gone out of business.

Backed by Sikorsky, the new company Eclipse Aerospace announced that it planned to start production on its new Eclipse jets, the 550.

"The Phenom 100"
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The current segment leader is the Cessna Citation Mustang which first entered service in 2006. There are now more than 375 Mustangs in the skies.

Honda is very much moving ahead with the Honda Jet and started in 2012. The aircraft are being built in a brand new facility in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The main…

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Our Company ultimate Goal is all about service. Flying commercially provides you with just a few choices, coach or first class. Central Jet Charter Inc., members have an entire fleet of luxury private jets at their disposal.

"No monthly fees, No membership costs, and No long-term investment."

"20-30% savings when compared to fractional programs."

"Only 4-hours’ notice required for all of your travel arrangements."

"Access to more than 5,000 Aircraft and Helicopters in over 6,000 Airports worldwide."

"24-hour concierge service."

The Company Goal is pricing starting at$300 per hour and up. The Company Goal - Best Jet Charter Services.

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"Central Jet Chart…


Central Jet Charter Inc., is the number one private jet charter company for charter flights. Private aircraft charter is something we specialize in and it has never been easier schedule a charter flight.

We can get you any type of aircraft were ever you want when ever you want with just one call.

We will set everything up down to the smallest details. Please contact us at any time we would love to hear from you!

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Central Jet Charter Inc., will offer you a personal aviation specialist to assist with all aspects of the private jet charter trip.

No request is to big or small and no request will be overlooked. We go out of our way to make the trip special and something to remember.

Jet charter rates are the best with us…

Private jet charter operators have access to only so many private jets, where we can use any Charter Flight Operator with the best Private Jet, in the city closest to where you need it."

Charter a Flight with us and you can rest assured that these are only the finest aircraft in the industry.

aircraft cabin
We have the best aircraft to pick from because we can use any operator only with the highest standards.

Since we have access to thousands of Private planes, we can find the best Private plane for your trip at the best price.

private jet interior
We’ll arrange the entire travel experience from front-door pickup getting you to the private jet and then to the end destination and back home.

Do a Private Jet Charter trip with us and we will make sure you have an experience of a lifetime.

We work for our client's and will…


"Very Light jets $2,000/hr up to $3,350/hr."

"Light jets $3,200/hr up to $5,800/hr."

"Super Light jets $4,500/hr up to $6,200/hr."

"Midsize Jets $5,900/hr up to $7,300/hr."

"Super Mid Size Jets $5,900/hr up to $7,400/hr."

"Large Jets $6,000/hr up to $10,000/hr."

"VIP Airliners $10,000/hr up to $30,000/hr."

"Turboprops $1,200/hr up to $3,700/hr."

"Helicopters $400/hr up to $8,000/hr."
"RATES & COSTS on Private Jets" and "Aircraft Charters" with us eliminates all the costs, and you only pay for the exact "Private Jet Aircraft" you need and the trip you take, nothing more. We also offer a wide selection of "Concierge Services."

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Jet Charter rates are just a phone call away, we will always be t…
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Jet Charter allows you to be able to travel luxuriously in the private jet of your choice at any time to any place. A private jet can also get you into an airport much closer to your destination. In fact, they can go into over 5000 airports world wide where as commercial aircraft are limited to only 500.

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Private Jet Charter is all about the client, the service, and the private aircraft.

When you charter a private jet with us, we make sure everything is perfect, and never overlook any detail.

"What makes us stand out? Service"

"What can we do for you? Everything"

"What are the advantages of using us? Price"

"What types of Aircraft can you use? Any"

Private Jet Charter with us and you will receive luxury t…

"Light Jet Charter, Information!"

Light Jets typically have a capacity of 5 to 8 passengers with a cruise speed of 400-520 mph.

When Pilatus did make its move into jets, it stuck to the road most traveled, and effectively designed a jet aircraft with all the characteristics of its PC-12.

Technology makes many things smaller and cheaper, and thankfully light jets are no exception.

Until 2006, when the new generation of very light jets like the Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500 hit the market, and then, two years later, the Embraer Phenom 100, your only choices were supercramped light jets or putting up with the extra cost of flying larger models.

"Light Jets"
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But now there are options. The vast majority of light jet's seat six to seven passengers in a cabin roughly the size of a large SUV and fly an average trip of 1,500 nautical miles.

That's frequently in pla…

Super Light Jets, Aircraft Charter!

It is our attention to detail and safety that sets us apart from our competition. There is simply no substitute for doing things the right way."

"Super Light Jet Aircraft"
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The Learjet 45 is one of the rare jets to seamlessly integrate new technology with a tested and successful older design.

Its speed and economy are to be expected – being a Learjet – but its remaining features combine to create a high-quality private jet.

The medium-range Learjet 45, replacing the 35, is one of the rare jets to seamlessly integrate new technology with a tested and successful older design.

Its speed and economy are to be expected – being a Learjet – but its remaining features combine to create a high-quality private jet and the 45XR even more so.

"Dominating the super light jet category, the Bombardier Learjet 45 has the longest ra…

"Destinations, for Private Jets!"

Vacation Jet Charter flights undeniably make for a more enjoyable trip. Your entire party is able to travel together in a group.

"Travel Destinations"
travel destinations
Which means your vacation can start on the private jet charter flight before you even reach your destination.

Avoid airport delays, security lines, and step on to your private jet completely relaxed, just minutes before takeoff rather than hours.

Seating arrangements are casual, facing each other, so you and your travel companions feel like you are sitting around your living room instead of on a charter jet.

No one else is sitting beside you to ask that you keep the noise down. No one to eavesdrop on your private conversations.

The privacy on your own luxury charter jet gives you the ideal atmosphere to enjoy yourself and the friends and family you travel with.

Private jet travel also gives the romanti…

"CAREERS at, Central Jet Charter Inc."

Careers at Central Jet Charter Inc." are the best and we need individuals whom are highly motivated to try to call up potential clients to set up Private jet charter trips.

"Private Jet Charter Qualifications"
"Knowledge of business aviation and/ or travel industry is essential, with ability and confidence to be a growing industry authority."

"You must demonstrate prior success in leading and motivating a sales team, both in terms of the initial lead conversion, and in establishing lasting ongoing relationships."

"As an engaging individual you will understand the value of first class CRM, and be able to drive forward the CRM and first-class service culture at PrivateFly."

"Representing PrivateFly as a technology company, we need you to be digital marketing savvy with strong ambassadorship of the online sales model."

"You should have…
"Aerion-AS2, Information!"

The AS2 evolved from extensive market research with potential customers for a larger, longer-range supersonic jet.

"Aerion AS2 Private Jets"
Private Jet Charter Aerion AS2
For the $120 million price, a buyer can go 4,750 nautical miles at up to 1.5 times the speed of sound.

The biggest hurdle remains a ban on commercial jets flying at supersonic speeds over the continental U.S.

"Aerion AS2 Charter"
inside-Aerion AS2
Other countries also require ultra fast planes to spend as much time as possible over the ocean to avoid the distinctive boom when they exceed the speed of sound.

The AS2 would have to take to skirt the U.S. and Canadian coasts and link London and New York while shaving 2½ hours over a conventional business jet flying a more direct route at close to the speed of sound.

"Aerion AS2 Super Sonic Jet"
Aerion AS2 plane
Aerion has followed a similar, deviated path.…
Turbo Stationair: Information!"

Unlike with some Cessna models, the turbo version of the 206 was available nearly from the start.

"Turbo Stationair Exterior"
Turbo Stationair exterior
The 206 was a surprise winner of that process, one of only three piston models to make the cut.

Casual observers often incorrectly state the level of improvement to the Cessna lineup that took place when the company relaunched production.

The new 206, like the 172 and 182, was certified under Part 23, a far more stringent set of standards than the old Car 3, under which the original airplanes had been approved.

"Turbo Stationair Airplane Charter"
Turbo Stationair airplane charter flight
The 206 has been upgraded in literally dozens of ways. There are better seats, better belts, improved ventilation, nicer upholstery.

If you've ever owned an old Cessna, is a big deal — more reliable fuel systems, more redundant electrical …

"TBM 900, Information!"

When French company Socata launched the single-engine turboprop TBM 700 with Mooney in 1989, many observers wondered if the airplane would ever be anything more than an aerial oddity.

"TBM 900 Aircraft Charter Flights"
tbm 900 aircraft
That’s before people began to operate it and realized the many benefits of having a single Pratt & Whitney PT6 up front.

That first TBM was long on range and speed — around 290 knots at high cruise — and miserly on operating costs.

"TBM 900 Airplane Charter"
tbm 900 airplane
Up to now, the move to the TBM 850, a 2006 Flying Editor’s Choice Award winner.

It was arguably the model that made the most significant improvement to the type, with increased gross weight, top speed, safety features and interior refinements.

It's got its Garmin G1000 panel and was happy that we saw a high-cruise airspeed of around 315 knots at 28,000 feet.

"TBM 900 Exte…


Private Jet Charter Blogging: Charter Flights can be a daunting experience especially if we don't have someone to help us along the way. That is where we come into play because they will do everything for you. So give them a try, we promise you wont be disappointed."

Jet Charter Blog: Cessna has just announced a new Heavy Jet called the Citation Hemisphere which should be out later on in this decade. Another new super sonic "Private Jet" that is due out is the "Aerion AS2," which should be out early in the next decade.

blog private jet charter
Private Jet Charter Blog: Please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

We are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as guide-posts to help us become the company we would like to be. And we aspire to live these values every day.

We ta…
Private Jet Charter, Help!

Chartering a private jet can is often described as sub-sidised flying as the fixed costs (such as aircraft purchasing and depreciation, pilot salaries, aircraft maintenance and insurances) are paid for by the owner.

When you charter an aircraft you are only paying for the fuel, airport fees and a small amount of extra cost.

Private jets can be organised very quickly, depending on the location of available aircraft.

This can be as quick as 30 minutes from your flight request or may take longer, subject to availability and your location.

The cost of flying by private jet depends on flight time, aircraft hourly rate, positioning sectors (where the aircraft is flown empty before or after the passenger sector) and airport fees.

To find out how much it costs to fly by private jet, use the private jet cost calculator, which gives all-inclusive price estimates for any global trip.

You then need to sign and return the contra…

Do You have any FEEDBACK?

Central Jet Charter Inc., Feedback. We would appreciate any feed back you can give us about our website or any other feedback you might have?

News tips, ideas and/or feedback may be sent anonymously but feedback must include your name, e-mail address and telephone number. We will withhold names on request, but we must have your contact information for verification purposes.

"Feedback Airplane Charter"
"Each exchanged idea and every shared opportunity magnifies the mutual respect we have for one another."

"Your ability to listen to others’ ideas with concern and an open mind creates an environment of mutual respect where relationships flourish."

"You took the time — and that has made all the difference! You Make a Difference theme."

"It’s your careful attention to detail that makes you so special."

"You consistently “go the extra mile."

"When others …

"Helicopters, Small Planes, Other Resources!"

Whether you’re booking your very first private jet charter or you’re hoping to fly privately again soon, here is a list of friendly tips that you should try to remember when booking a private jet charter.

"Jet Charter Benefits"
"Flexibility of choosing among many available aircraft."

"Provide interim and additional lift options."

"Maximize productivity while saving time."

"FAA compliance to ensure safety, insurance and flight crews."

Booking early will help you avoid problems with scheduling or the availability of the aircraft that best suits your flight needs.

The number of people who are going to travel with you is important because it will be a factor in selecting the aircraft which will best meet your needs.

Always have this information ready before booking your flight.

Find Out the Details– Ask the charter company about in…


"C.J.C. Inc." can provide custom ground transportation on-demand.

Private Jet Charter Ground Transportation is the major choice for executive car and limousine services for all our clients and we always try to arrange to have the car pull right up to the private aircraft.

"Information on Ground Transportation"
"Executive town cars."



"Luxury hybrid vehicles."

"Executive vans."



"Motor coaches."

"Ground Transportation" and "Central Jet Charter Inc." can give you your choice of vehicle for your family, business, or your own personal enjoyment.

At Central Jet Charter Inc., we place the highest value on the client and jet charter representative relationship.

Your personal air charter agent will personally arrange every…

"FLIGHT BOOKING, Information!"

Central Jet Charter Inc., Flight Booking at anytime with just one call. We will do everything for you!

Plus, we even offer direct flights, so you can get where you need to go without having to suffer through hours of layovers or TSA lines. Private Jets don't have to wait in line at all.

Of course, world travelers have their favorite destinations too. With our private jet charter to the most beloved spots across the globe.

You can see the places everyone’s been raving about without spending your entire travel budget on airplane tickets.

"HOTELS: Sydney Hotels, Boston Hotels, Walt Disney World Area Hotels, Las Vegas Hotels, Maui Hotels, New York Hotels, San Francisco Hotels, Grand Canyon Hotels, London Hotels, Paris Hotels, Cancun Hotels, Playa Del Carmen Hotels"

SOME POPULAR DESTINATIONS: Flights to New York, Flights to Las Vegas, Flights to Los Angeles, Flights to Orlando, Fligh…
"AIR CARGO, 24/7/365 ASAP"

Let "Central Jet Charter Inc." secure the most appropriate Aircraft for your mission in as few as 4 hours’ notice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Air Cargo Private Jet Charter"
twin star airplane air cargo
"AIR CARGO" is our privilege, responsibility and honor to take care of every details associated with your trip, so please give us a call to assist you in choosing the perfect Plane for your upcoming itinerary, and to provide you with solutions to any of your air cargo and freight delivery needs.

"AIR CARGO TRANSPORTING:" While it is important for potential exporters to have access to air freight services, they also must manage their supply chains to provide a competitive balance for the cost, speed, and reliability of shipments.

Here at "Central Jet Charter Inc." our mission is to ensure that every aspect of our client’s travel experiences with us i…
"Central Jet Charter Inc., CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

"Listen well, be responsive and demonstrate a sense of empathy.

"Jet Charter Customer Service"
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"We strive to make it easy for the customer to do business with Central Jet Charter Inc., to ensure that "C.J.C. Inc." remains its preferred supplier."

"Airplane Charter Customer Service"
jet charter, private airplanes, private flights, charter aircraft, charter planes
"Recognize the importance of all customers and the role every Central Jet Charter Inc., employee plays in influencing the customer's perceptions.

While impacting these perceptions, be professional, reliable, credible, responsive and friendly."

"Boarding the Jets Customer Service"
boarding aircraft, jet charter, private airplanes, private flights, charter aircraft, charter plan…

"TRAVEL AGENTS, Information!"

First of all, many experts agree that charter bookings by a travel agent should be made with a broker, not the individual aircraft charter company.

The broker has access to thousands of aircraft and can better accommodate the specific needs of the clients — right down to onboard catering or other amenities.

If you work directly with a charter company, you will need to have some level of expertise and know the right questions to ask.

The average travel agent may be quite comfortable selling a wealthy client an extensive cruise involving multiple suites but has almost no idea what to do if that same client wants to travel by private jet.

Most agents only know that the client wants a private jet. They don’t take the time to properly qualify the client, which involves asking questions about budget or what type of services he or she likes.

A roundtrip cross-country flight may be booked using an eight-pa…