The Piaggio Avanti has a unique engine design in that the propellers are in the back of the engine.

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The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft versatility and reliability, in unison with advanced technology and optimised cabin pressurisation.

This makes Avanti EVO not only a world-class business aviation aircraft but in its special mission capacity it also functions as a highly accomplished multi utility Aircraft.

The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop Aircraft is used by the armed forces, government agencies and a diverse range of private operators such as air ambulance units, photo patrol units for territorial control and environmental protection.

The Piaggio Avanti Aircraft is even used for flight inspections as a radio measurements and calibration of air navigation aid and instruments.

Turboprops behave in certain ways, and jets in other ways, but the Avanti II is a true hybrid.

It is a product that blends the best traits from two very different air…

The Nextant 90 is one of the most popular Turboprop aircraft.


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The cabin shell includes new air ducting to improve comfort. The new seats are fully articulating.

The new production interior was ready to install when the G90XT returned to Cleveland after AirVenture.

The G90XT does not have the single-lever power control, which was designed in partnership with GE’s Unison Industries.

For pilots, the new power levers make flying much easier because they are tied to single-channel electronic engine controls

Because so many modifications are done to the G90XT, Nextant engineers developed a new flight manual to reflect the changes.

The maintenance manuals include new material for the new engines and systems, and an ATA chapter reference tells the technician exactly where to go in the manuals for pertinent information.

The aircraft shown at Oshkosh is the first G90XT remanufactured by Nextant and the fourth C90 ever built.

It has about 13,000 hours on the airframe. …

The King Air 90 can seat 4 very comfortably.

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"Central Jet Charter Inc., & The King Air 90."

Since its incorporation in 1932, Beech Aircraft was a successful builder of civil and military aircraft.

The design was a low-wing cantilever monoplane of aluminium construction with retractable tricycle landing gear.

To improve its utility and safety in changing flight conditions, standard equipment, that had been optional on the Queen Air.

This includes de-icing boots on the leading edges of the wings, fin, and tail plane.

The Model 90 had two seats in the cockpit and four reclining passenger seats facing each other in the cabin, with options for a two or three-place couch for passengers.

Air conditioning and soundproofing also improved passenger comfort in the cabin.

Two 500-hp P&W Canada PT6A-6 turboprop engines with three-blade Hartzell propellers gave the King Air a top ceiling of 27,400 feet and a range of 1,565 miles at 270 mph.

The King Air C90gtx is one of the newest private aircraft made by Beechcraft.


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What makes it a "GT" are new Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines, and new four-blade propellers, that increase cruise speed by at least 25 knots.

"King Air C90GTX Specifications"
"Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)."

"Engine Indicating System (EIS)."

"Air Data System (ADS)."

"Dual Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)."

"Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS)."

"Flight Management System (FMS)."

"Weather Radar System (WXR)."

"Dual Navigation and Communication Radios."

This improves climb rates by as much as 50 percent at higher altitudes, all without shortening range on the same amount of fuel.

But the new Pratts are really 750-shp engines that have been restricted to the lower maximum output for takeoff.

That means as the GT climbs, the new engines can keep putting out full-rated horsepo…

The King Air 100 has now been updated to the King Air 350i.

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"The King Air 100 Turboprop Aircraft" which has approximately 120 remaining in service, about 100 of which are on the U.S. registry.

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Collins Pro Line avionics were offered as standard equipment on the B100, although some buyers opted for Bendix Gold Crown equipment.

In January 1964, the first Beechcraft 65-90 took to the air.

Based on the piston-engined Model 65 Queen Air, the -90 featured the then-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop powerplants in place of the earlier 65’s Lycoming flat-six piston engines.

A pressurized model was developed, and was designated the King Air 90. Many variants followed including the PT6A-20-powered A90 and B90, and the C90 powered by the -21 variant of the PT6A.

In 1969, Beech introduced the Model 100 King Air. It featured a 4.2ft. stretch of the -90’s fuselag…

The King Air 200 has the same size cabin as a MIdsize jet..


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The King Air Private Aircraft are one of the most popular brands in the Turboprop Airplane sector.

These Private Airplanes charter for less than jets and will only add a little additional time onto your flight.

Standard configuration of the King Air B200 is for eight passengers in an arrangement with a club plus four individual seats.

A ten-passenger configuration is available in which a two-place divan is located aft of the copilot seat, a single seat is behind the pilot’s position.

A four-seat club is aft of those seats, and a lavatory seat and two fold-down seats occupy the aft cabin area.

The King Air B200 is the most successful business aircraft in the world. Since its introduction, the Model 200 has outsold every other single line of business airplane, jet, or turboprop.

The B200 has been extensively updated, inside and out, to achieve new levels of quietness and comfort.

Compared to its jet c…

The King Air 250 has the newer model out the King Air 350i


"KING AIR 250, Information"

The King Air 250 Aircraft has a new Enhanced Payload Option which raises maximum takeoff weight to 13,420 pounds for an 870 pound increase in useful load.

New ergonomic yokes and a standard lighted chart holder increase crew comfort, while the square-oval cabin provides passengers with generous head and shoulder room.

The King Air 250 has eleven cabin windows with rotating polarized sun shields help control brightness.

Lightweight composite executive tables with large leather surfaces and solid wood trim are perfect for work and four 115V AC outlets are available for portable devices.

The King Air 250 has new composite winglets and propellers deliver substantial improvements in takeoff performance, without compromising-but actually increasing-speed, range and climb.

"King Air 250 Aircraft Services"
"Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics Suite."

"Three 14 inch touchscreen …