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The King Air 360ER has extended range versus the regular King Air 360.


Seats | one or two pilots and 9-15 passengers

Cost to Buy $8 Million.

Range | 2,600 nm

Max takeoff weight | 11,800 lbs

Max cruise speed | 300 MPH

Takeoff distance | 3,300 ft

Cabin Height | 57" inches

Cabin Width | 54" inch.

Wingspan | 57 ft, 11 inch.

Cabin Width | 19' ft. 6" inch.

Length | 46 ft, 8 in

Height | 14 ft, 4 in

Rate $1200 – $1,800/hr.

The King Air 360ER is one Aircraft Many Missions. When government, military and commercial customers want airborne solutions for critical missions, they turn to BEECHCRAFT. This aircraft provides the high performance and flight characteristics required to address the unique challenges of special mission operations.

THE KING AIR 360ER EXTERIOR king air 360er exterior, king air 360er outside, private airplane
The King Air 360ER by Beechcraft offers flexible, reconfigurable interiors, making them equally adept at accommodating passengers, cargo, air ambulance or other …

Super Midsize Jets have got it all great range, speed and cabin size.


Super Midsize Jets Information
Super midsize jets have got it all. They can make it across US, coast to coast and really have great range.

Super Midsize Jet Cabin super midsize jet cabin, super midsize jet interior, super midsize jet inside, super midsize jet
By giving passengers the power to choose how and when they fly, we're pioneering a new kind of private jet and luxury service—one that's personal, flexible and on-demand. C.J.C. Inc. the modern alternative to fractional ownership.

The Citation X (10) Exterior citation x exterior, citation X outside, citation 10 exterior, citation 10 outside, citation 10, citation x, super midsize jets
It can fly eight passengers coast-to-coast nonstop, and was designed to have low direct operating costs – making it a strong contender for the new super-midsize private jet category.

The Citation X (10) is Cessna’s version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economi…

The Legacy 450 is a midsize jet although some would call in a Super Light Jet.


LEGACY 450 Information
With so much to offer in a mid-Size private jet, the sky is the limit for the Legacy 450.

Legacy 450 Exterior 2 men standing outside legacy 450, legacy 450 exterior, legacy 450 outside, legacy 450
The Legacy 450 private jet is the first jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology.

This technology enables a smoother, more natural feeling flight by translating the manual input from the pilot electronically rather than mechanically.

Legacy 450 Inside legacy 450 inside, legacy 450 interior, legacy 450 cabin, legacy 450
Additional flight envelope protection also increases flight safety.

At 6-feet (1.83 m.) tall and 24-feet (7.32 m.) long, with a flat floor, the Legacy 450’s cabin is the largest in its class.

Legacy 450 Jet Charter legacy 450 exterior, legacy 450 outside, legacy 450, jet charter
Two center club seats fully berth to create beds, so you can catch up with your sleep on flights.

The ot…

The Learjet 60 is one of the most popular private jets ever made for charter.


Learjet 60 Information
The new Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker is the ideal solution to the typical Lear 60 operator's need for more cargo space.

The Aft Fuselage Locker has two separate compartments that comprise 12 feet of length in all.

Learjet 60 Charter learjet 60 inside, lear 60 interior, learjet 60 cabin, lear 60 interior, lear 60 cabin, lear 60 inside, lear 60
This provides about 28 cubic feet of internal space outside the cabin, capable of carrying 210 pounds of luggage and cargo.

The forward compartment is 8 feet long while the aft compartment is 4 feet long, conveniently allowing for the separation of passenger luggage and aircraft equipment.

Learjet 60 Interior learjet 60 interior, learjet 60 inside, learjet 60 cabin, lear 60 interior, lear 60 cabin, lear 60 inside, lear 60 Raisbeck's Aft Fuselage Locker for the Learjet 60/60XR provides more than 28 cubic feet of waterproof space to carry an additional 210 pounds of luggage and over…

The Hawker 700 is one of the original Hawker Jets made.


HAWKER 700 Information
The Hawker 700 Private Jet is one of the most popular "mid-size business jets" in service today. Passengers prefer an aircraft of this class because of its cabin size, comfort and range.

Hawker 700 Exterior hawker 700 flying, hawker 700 exterior, hawker 700 outside, hawker 700, jet charter
The Hawker 700 is uniquely noted as a quiet mid size jet with advanced avionics and high performance quality.

Without the noise volume that some business jets produce, the Hawker 700 is capable of entry into any airport nationally or worldwide.

Hawker 700 Specifications "8 seat configuration."


"Fully equipped hot and cold food / drink area."

"DVD player."

The Hawker 700 Private Plane is well suited for longer domestic flights, traveling non-stop over 2,000 miles at a normal cruising speed of 470 mph and at altitudes up to 41,000 feet.

The highly regarded successor to the Hawker 600, …

The Hawker 750 has been around for decades showing what a good airplane this is.


Hawker 750 Information
The new engines in the Hawker 750 at the time, represented quantum leaps in efficiency.

It enabled a new generation of six- to eight-passenger corporate jets that can still pass Stage III noise requirements.

Haweker 750 Jet Charter hawker 750 inside, hawker 750 cabin, hawker 750 interior, hawker 750
The 750 is only marginally faster than the XLS+ on most missions and considerably slower than a Learjet 60.

However, most Hawker flights are considerably shorter, and on a trip from, say, Chicago to Atlanta, the speed disadvantage won’t cost you more than about 10 minutes.

With full fuel, payload is an impressive 2,250 pounds (1,021 kg). However, also like its predecessors, the 750 remains challenged when it comes to baggage capacity, to a point.

Unlike previous 700, 800 and 900 series siblings, the 750 has a separate, heated, externally accessed baggage compartment that holds up to 500 pounds (227 kg).

The Hawker 750’s biggest adv…

The Hawker 800a has one of the largest cabins in it's class.


HAWKER 800A Information
The Hawker 800 series jets are some of the more popular private jet lines thanks to its mixture of style and flight efficiency.

The cabin’s headroom, its light, modern interior, comfortable seating and plenty of work space are only a few of the many amenities appreciated by "Jet Charter" customers worldwide.

The aircraft offers both range (being able to fly non stop coast to coast in most cases) and performance and boasts the largest cabin in its class.

Now under the Beechcraft/Raytheon banner, this corporate jet still holds its own against newer models.

That’s due in large part to its well-rounded nature, providing the ultimate in comfort, cabin room and range for a business jet of its size.

Ideal for small groups of travelling executives, the Hawker 800A is equipped to handle eight passengers in well-appointed luxury. At 757 cubic feet.

The cabin’s interior is spacious enough to allow headroom while standing. T…