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We are all about the best possible private jet at the best possible price.
Pets are allowed right into the cabin on a private jet.
We offer any type of concierge services.
The Beachjet 400 can seat up to 6 to 7 passengers comfortably, and has a range of about 1600 miles.

We can transport you any place in the world, please give us a call

"Affordable, convenient and uninterrupted "Helicopter travel," avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays."
"Possibility of landing directly at a number of convenient locations, hotels, restaurants and other venues."
"Superb method of transport to unusual locales such as shooting, fishing or skiing destinations."
"Ideal for special events: arrival of a VIP or whisking honeymooners away after their ceremony."

Not only is Private Helicopter Charter a convenient and efficient way of getting around for VIPs and executives, it also makes for a welcome good impression, viewed as it is as a particularly stylish mode of transport. But "helicopter travel" is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, far from it.

The Honda Jet is in a new category of jets called Very Light Jets' or sometimes referred to as VLJs

The Citation XLS is a super light jet that some would consider a midsize jet.


Passenger Capacity: 6 – 8

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 425

Range (nm): 1,482

Cabin Width: 4′ 8″

Cabin Height: 4′ 9″

Cabin Length: 15′ 7″

Baggage Capacity: 226 cu. ft.
The Beechjet 400: After Raytheon aircraft acquired the Hawker line from British Aerospace, the Beechjet 400 was renamed the Hawker 400, and the manufacturer soon introduced the improved 400XP. It has one of the biggest cabins in the light jet category and can seat up to 6-7 passengers comfortably.

beechjet 400
The Beechjet 400 private aircraft is a twin-turbofan light Business Jet that evolved from the Mitsubishi MU–300 Diamond, which was certificated in November 1981. It has a range of about 1500 miles and cost's roughly $3k per hour to charter.

The BEECHJET 400 had more than 90 Diamonds which were manufactured in Japan and then assembled at Mitsubishi’s San Angelo, Texas, facility.



Passenger Capacity: 9 – 11

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 470

Range (nm): 3,100

Cabin Width: 7′ 2″

Cabin Height: 6′ 1″

Cabin Length: 28′ 7″

Baggage Capacity: 106' cu. ft."

The Challenger 350 Private Jet is a complete "Private Jet Aircraft" and once again superior response to the needs of today’s customers, offering more performance, greater comfort, new efficiency, definitive reliability and unmatched value. The Challenger 350 business jet—exceeding expectations and reaching new heights at every altitude.

challenger 350
The Challenger 350 Private Jet has the largest wide body of any Super Midsize Jets. The Cabin is very spacy and it can seat up to 12 in some instances.

The Challenger 350 Private Jet which builds on the success of an already incomparable aircraft family, the Challenger 350 Private Jet.


"Jet Charter: The Challenger 350"

An incomparable super-midsize jet, the new Challenger 350 is built for optimal performance and superior comfort.

"Challenger 350 Jet Charter"
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The aft lavatory has a conventional, externally serviced, 4-gal.-capacity chemical toilet, a wet sink with soap dispenser and AC outlet, vanity cabinet with lighted mirror, trash container, air gasper, smoke detector and drop-down emergency oxygen mask.

An optional 200-lb. super-soundproofing package reduces interior sound levels by 2 to 3 dB.

Touchscreen controls at each seat manage cabin, table and PSU lights, cabin temperature and inflight entertainment (IFE) choices.

In addition there are dedicated stand-alone buttons for table and chair lights, audio volume and calling the cabin attendant

The standard IFE includes 3-D moving maps, a Blu-ray player, and HDMI, USB and …


Passenger Capacity: 6 – 8

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (knots): 461

Range (nm): 2,004

Cabin Width: 4′ 9″

Cabin Height: 4′ 4″

Cabin Length: 12′ 9″

Baggage Capacity: 40 Cu. ft.

The LEARJET 35 private aircraft is a light turbofan Corporate Jet which has been in service since 1974 (35A/36A since 1976). Larger, turbofan powered development of "Learjet 25." "Learjet 36" for extended range with smaller capacity. Improved development 35A and 36A with higher take-off weight. "The LEARJET 35"

Learjet 35
The Learjet 35 Private Aircraft remained in production until 1994 and 676 aircraft were built. In 1999 631 remain in world wide service. Also used by military as utility/VIP transport and maritime patrol. Mil. type C-21 (U-36 for Japan Air Force).

Learjet 35 interior, private plane
"The LEARJET 35"performance statistics …

Passenger Capacity: 12- 19

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPS): 508

Range (nm): 6700

Cabin Width: 7′ 4″

Cabin Height: 6′ 2″

Cabin Length: 43′ 11″

Baggage Capacity: 170 cu. ft.

The Gulfstream G550 ultra long range jet has the efficiency to fly 6,750 nautical miles/12,501 kilometers nonstop, but also is capable of operating out of short-field, high-altitude airports. Payload is a plus, too. The G550 can transport up to 18 passengers and still has the range to fly nonstop for more than 12 hours.

gulfstream g550
The Gulfstream G550 private jet has earned many admirers, whether by winning the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy or by being named by owners as the best-in-value business aircraft. Powered by two Rolls-Royce engines that provide the most thrust of any jet in its class, the Gulfstream G550 has a cruise range of 6,750 nautical miles /12,501 kilometers.



Passenger Capacity: 9

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (M.P.H): 488

Range (nm): 3,824

Cabin Width: 8′ 2″

Cabin Height: 6′ 1″

Cabin Length: 28′ 5″

Baggage Capacity: 115 cu. ft.

The Challenger 605 Private Jet has a wide body that makes it a favorite for private jet charter. It is one of the roomiest Private jets available and the newest model by Bombardier. It has one of the biggest cabins in the heavy jet category and it can seat up to 9 passengers comfortably.

challenger 605
The Challenger 605 Private Jet is an airplane that is an infinitely intelligent business asset. Built to meet every requirement faced by pilots and business leaders today, while offering the flexibility to address the new demands you face tomorrow, this Private Jet is a nimble partner that helps you take your business to higher levels.

"Wide body space and…

Passenger Capacity: 9 – 12
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (knots): 525
Range (nm): 1,858
Cabin Width: 5′ 5″
Cabin Height: 5′ 7″
Cabin Length: 18′ 6″
Baggage Capacity: 80 ft3
The Citation XLS Private Jet is one of the best-selling business jets ever built. It has the ability to operate out of smaller airports while still offering the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet. Over 18 feet in length, the cabin provides ample room for up to seven passengers – and enough height to stand up in. The XLS/Excel also features a full refreshment center and the largest baggage compartment in its class.

"CITATION XLS PRIVATE JET" citation xls The Citation XLS Private Jet was introduced in 2004. Cessna’s Citation XLS is the upgraded successor to the Citation Excel. Combining the comfort and performance of a midsize private jet with the economy of a light jet, the Citation Excel has been a favorite with owners and chart…
The Challenger 650 is the biggest and best private jet that Bombardier makes, and this jet can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably.
The Boeing Business Jet is the ultimate luxury home in the sky, nothing gets better.
The Gulfstream G5 is an ultra long range jet that can seat up to 18 passengers depending on seating configurations.

Multi-piston planes are the most cost effective and can get into the shortest runways out of all the planes.
The Legacy 450 midsize jet can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably and has a range of almost 300 miles.
The King Air 350i Turboprop aircraft has the same size cabin as a midsize jet.
Turboprop aircraft are very popular  because they cost less than the private jets.
Multipiston planes can get into very small runways and airports and are the most cost effective.
We do air ambulance and we can have the air ambulance there asap when ever you want.

We also do helicopter charter, which start at $400 an hour and up on a Robinson R44

The Pilatus PC 12 is a very single engine turboprop aircraft that can get into very small air fields.

Multi piston planes are priced the best and can get into the smallest runways.
Turboprop aircraft can get into much smaller airports.
Aircargo when it has to be there we can get it there!
The Piaggio avanti has a special design with the engines behind the wings.
VIP airliners are regular commercial airliners gutted and made into luxury homes in the Sky.
Image Ultra Long Range Jets can seat up to 18 passengers depending on seating configurations.

Heavy Jets are the ultimate, just give us a call and we will set it up.
Central Jet Charter Inc., can get you where you need to be ASAP

Midsize jets are great for up to 8 to 9 passengers and have a range of almost 3k miles.
Super Light Jets can seat up to 8 passengers and have a range of almost 2k miles.
Light Jets can seat up to 7 to 8 passengers and have a range up to 2k miles.

Very light jets can seat up to 4 passengers comfortably and have a range of about 1200 miles.

Central Jet Charter Inc. (617) 794-9000

The falcon 8x is one of the biggest heavy jets made and has a range of over 4000 miles

Jet Charter in the Global Express 8000 is the ultimate way to travel.
The Challenger 300 is a great super midsize jet that can seat up to 10
Heavy Jets can seat up to 18 in some instances
Ultra long range jets are the ultimate and we can set up the trip

Central Jet Charter Inc., can manage your aircraft


The Falcon 20 midsize jet is unmatched, because they can seat at least 8 passengers and some can even accommodate 9 or 10.

All midsize jets come with a private lavatory behind a solid door, and they are a great way to travel."

"The Hawker 700"
hawker 700 cabin, midsize jet, private aircraft, Private Jet, Private Plane
The 60XR rounds out Learjet’s generation of turbofan-powered aircraft with the XR for extended range.

It is an improved version of the 60, boasting a more space-efficient interior. The redesigned model took its first flight in early 2006, and it remains a strong competitor in the medium-range business jet category.

Additionally, it can take you to multiple destinations in one day.

"Midsize Jet Charters"
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The most versatile aircraft in the fleet, with all the comfort of a large cabin jet, mid-s…

Midsize jets are the best for trips up to 4 to 5 hours
Central Jet Charter allows pets right into the cabin
The Gulfstream g650er has extended range, with the "ER"
Turboprop aircraft are great for shorter runways which private jets cannot go into

The Gulfstream G650er has one of the longest ranges of any private jet