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The Challenger 604 now has the newer model the Challenger 650.

Challenger 604 Jet Charter
Certified in 1995, the 604 provides range, speed, and sophistication and style."

"The CHALLENGER 604" is one of Bombardier’s most capable "Private Airplane."

"Challenger 604 Charter"
"Up to 19 seat configuration."

"Mid-flight accessible luggage compartment."

"Spacious cabin."

"Separate galley and washroom."

Not only is the jet capable of traveling long legs with few to no stops in between, it offers plenty of pilot and passenger amenities that make the trips manageable.

When you provide this level of strength, versatility, power and reliability, the result is the world’s best-selling large business jet.

Fly coast-to-coast or internationally nonstop.

Address all of your business matters with the state-of-the-art audio/video system and avionics and a 12-passenger conference group configuration.

These jets are the preferred option of flye…

Heavy Jets are reserved for the super rich and famous.


"Heavy Jets, Information!"

The heavy jets are more like an airliner than a private jet. Comparable to the Boeing 737, they offer much more cabin space than any similar aircraft. They are quiet, fairly economical, and handle well.

"The Challenger 600"
heavy jet inside, private jet charter, aircraft charter
Bombardier designed the original Challenger 601 with the primary goal of passenger comfort.

The 601 iteration signifies the use of General Electric engines and drag-reducing winglets.

The Challenger 601 long-range business jet has made leaps and bounds from the original Challenger 600.

With better performing engines, greater range and increased reliability, the Challenger 601 variant offers plenty of desirable qualities in its class, even two decades later.

A derivative of the Challenger 600, the Challenger 601 was designed with the primary goal of passenger comfort.

"The Challenger 601"
heavy jet interior, p…

The Praetor is one of the newest private jets made today.

"Praetor 600 Information!"

The Praetor 600 is Powered by Honeywell HTF7500E turbofans, the Praetors are derivatives of the Legacy 450 and 500 with which they share the same fuselage and wings, supplied by the company's metal and composites manufacturing facility in Evora, Portugal.

Improving on the capabilities of the Legacy 500, the Praetor 600 gains new winglets and two extra belly fuel tanks, while engine thrust has been increased by 500lb (2.2kN), taking range to 3,900nm (7,200km).

That is 760nm more than the Legacy 500, and almost 300nm longer than its closest super-midsize competitor, the Gulfstream G280.

A carbon-fiber finish on tables wraps around corners without showing the structure of the material.

The dark, thin, three-ply material looks homogenous, with the weave perfectly aligned. The beauty of the carbon-fiber is that its strength comes from the shape change.

It’s more than an application, it’s structural. Jet…

The Legacy 500 is a private jet that has it all, including range, cabin size and a great price.

"LEGACY 500, Information!"

Four pairs of facing chairs convert into fully flat berths that let you sleep soundly on overnight missions.

The seats are available with optional heating and massage, swivel and offer lateral and forward movement. The aircraft seats up to 12 passengers.

And every seat has a window, the largest in its class, enabling you to read or work by natural light.

Holds everything you want to bring. At 110 cubic feet, the Legacy 500’s main baggage compartment is the largest in class.

The aircraft also provides a generous in-flight accessible baggage compartment and cabin stowage space.

It comes with optional espresso maker, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Your passengers can be well-refreshed and well-fed wherever you fly.

The Ovation Select Cabin Management System gives you full HD video, optional surround audio, and a wide range of connectivity options including 3.1 Mbps high-speed data and Wi-Fi connection.

The Hawker 1000 with me sitting in it.


"HAWKER 1000, Information!"

The Hawker series had been popular since the 1960s and over the years had been updated with new engines, airfoils and amenities.

On the outside, there are subtle differences between the 800 and the 1000. The 800 has six passenger windows per side; the 1000 has seven.

"Interior Hawker 1000"
interior hawker 1000
Yet, the basic design philosophy-building an airplane with rugged and simple systems-remained unchanged.

In the high-utilization charter world, Hawkers were the horses and they still are today.

There's another good reason for buying a Hawker 1000: the price gap between it and the smaller Model 800 has narrowed, according to the aircraft pricing service Vref.

"Hawker 1000 Specificaitons"
"Microwave oven."


"In-flight entertainment system with custom-tuned speakers."

"15-inch bulkhead and 8.4-inch plug-in monitors at individu…

The Hawker 4000 is the updated Hawker 1000.


"HAWKER 4000, Information"

Total cabin volume for the Hawker 4000 is 762 cubic feet, a sizeable distinction from the Challenger 300’s 860 cubic foot cabin.

The operating costs are reasonably low, while other factors such as runway performance stay competitive.

With a range of nearly 3,200 nm, it is a true coast-to-coast performer against nearly any headwind and at better than airline speeds.

It is a remarkable short-field performer for an airplane in its class, and it is competitively priced too.

The Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite features five, 8-in. by 10-in. portrait configuration displays and traditional Hawker cockpit layout, including ram’s horn control wheels.

Standard kit includes autothrottles, dual Honeywell LASEREF V IRSes and comprehensive integration of avionics and aircraft systems monitoring and fault detection.

The aircraft is a delight to fly, having crisp control response and pleasant control force harmon…

The Gulfstream G200 can even be considered a heavy jet.


"GULFSTREAM G200, Information!"

Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Gulfstream G200 Private Jet.

"Gulfstream G200 Private Jet Charter"
gulfstream g200 exterior
It also has a cruise speed of 540 mph, making it ideal for nonstop transcontinental travel. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Gulfstream G200 is how spacious it is.

There are power outlets available for any piece of office equipment in addition to an outlet for each passenger.

There is 125 cubic feet of baggage space available in an external compartment, able to contain up to 2,400 pounds.

The cabin of the Gulfstream 200 can be configured to hold anywhere between eight and nineteen seats.

The cabin itself is 24.4 feet long, 7.2 feet wide and 6.3 feet high.

"Gulfstream G200 Exterior"
gulfstream g200 exterior, private jet charter, aircraft charter
Optional additions include a radio phone, entertainment systems, and interior design upgrad…

The Gulfstream G280 is one of the newest private jets that Gulfstream makes.

"GULFSTREAM G280, Information!"

The Gulfstream G280 has a range of a heavy jet and is one of the nicest private jets on the market.

"Gulfstream G280 Private Jet Charter"
outside gulfstream g280, exterior gulfstream g280, jet charter, private jets
The G280 will fly anywhere in the US nonstop, against any type of winds at any time of year.

"Cabin Gulfstream G280"
cabin gulfstream g280, interior gulfstream g280, private jet charter, charter aircraft
"Gulfstream G280 Airplane Charter"
As a super-mid-size business jet, the $24.5 million G280 is designed to take on industry heavyweights like the Bombardier Challenger 350, Embraer Legacy 500, and Cessna Citation X+.

gulfstream g280, exterior gulfstream g280, outside gulfstream g280
With four passengers on board, the jet can fly up 4,100 miles.

"The FALCON 900EX"
falcon 900ex, falcon 900dx, falcon 900lx, private jets
Gulfstream offers the cabi…

The Falcon 50 Private Jet has one of the biggest cabins in the Super midsize category.

"FALCON 50, Information!"

Passengers love the Falcon 50 because of its comfort, speed, and range, while pilot’s love the Falcon because of its incredible performance.

The Falcon 50 is able to transport 8 to 9 passengers, non-stop from Palm Springs to Hawaii.

Amazingly enough it is almost impossible to load the aircraft in such a manner that the aircraft weight and balance would not remain within center of gravity limits.

The Falcon 50 also is capable of amazing takeoff and landing performance, enabling it to operate in and out of short, high elevation airports with high temperatures.

Itis able to do so without sacrificing the fuel loading to achieve such performance.

"Falcon 50 Information"
"Spacious luggage facilities."

"8-10 seat configuration."

"Built in restroom."

"Long flight range."

The Falcon 50 EX is part of the super-mid jet class. It offers the range and comfort of a much…

The Falcon 50EX has extended range.


"FALCON 50EX, Information"

Space and equipment for hot and cold food preparation come standard, including an oven, ice chest, and coffee maker.

"Falcon 50EX Exterior"
falcon 50 jets, jet charter, charter flights
Work tables fold out between facing seats so work can be completed in-flight. These "Private Jets" are just great for "Jet Chartering."

The Falcon 50EX Private Jet has a nine-passenger seating configuration is generally laid out in one four-seat club arrangement.

It has a separate section of two facing seats and a three-seat divan.

Work tables fold out between facing seats so work can be completed in-flight.

With a more spacious cabin and greater performance than the midsize class, the Falcon 50ex (along with its sister, the Falcon 900) can handle short runway distances and high elevation departures better than any modern corporate jet.

"Falcon 50EX Private Jet Charter"
falcon 50 j…

The Citation Sovereign Plus is the updated model based on the Sovereign.


Clairity is an intelligent cabin management and entertainment technology solution integrated with the aircraft avionics and electrical systems.

"Citation Sovereign Plus Private Jet Charter"
citation sovereign plus, private air charter, aircraft rental, charter airplanes
With a design that conforms to the body, armrests that fold completely out of the way and optional lumbar supports and footrests, you’ll find your travels relaxing and enjoyable.

"The CITATION SOVEREIGN+" through the Clairity touch screen system you can control cabin lighting, window shades and temperature at your finger tips.

The CITATION SOVEREIGN+ in the standard configuration, a forward cabin 30-inch refreshment center with beautifully crafted cabinetry serves up in-flight table service items such as catering trays, snacks and hot beverages.

"The Citation Sovereign+ also offers storage f…

The Citation Longitude is the newest private jet made by Cessna.


"CITATION LONGITUDE, Jet Charter Services!"

Providing the lowest cabin altitude and quietest interior in its class, more standard features, and a comfortable cabin with a superior fit and finish, the Citation Longitude will revolutionize your business travel.

"Citation Longitude Exterior"
citation longitude exterior
The Citation Longitude's stand-up, flat-floor cabin is customizable to meet your business and travel requirements.

It’s spacious cabin, with its double-club configuration, allows for the most legroom in the super-midsize class.

The fully berthable seating, designed specifically for this new larger-cabin line, has leveling and panning ability, giving passengers maximum comfort.

"Citation Longitude Private Jet Charter"
citation longitude jets, private aircraft
And thanks to that approach, the new $23.9 million Cessna Citation Longitude has comparatively few development risks, quite unlike…

The Citation X is one of the fastest private jets for the public.



The Citation X defines the super mid-size "Private Aircraft" category. Powered by massive Rolls-Royce engines originally designed for commercial airliners

citation X interior
The Citation X (10) Private Aircraft covers one mile every six seconds, shrinking a Los-Angeles-to-New-York flight to just four hours—an hour faster than conventional business jets.

"Citation X Amenities"
"Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access on every jet."

"Advanced in-flight entertainment systems."

"Touch screens throughout the cabin that let you control lighting and window shades."

"Custom interiors with exquisite finishes and comfortable lie-flat club chairs."

"Pre-stocked amenities such as gourmet snacks, Fiji bottled water, microwave and more."

Business travel just got quicker with this jet, one of the fastest and most luxurious in the midsize category.

In a…

The Citation X Plus is the newer model based on the Regular Citation X.


With touch-screen controllers, the flight department can customize how data is presented, see dimensional renderings of terrain, read precise weather patterns and see traffic coming from miles away.

"Citation X+ Cabin"
citation 10 plus cabin
The Citation X+ (Plus) Prvate Jet primary and multifunction flight displays are made up of three multi-pane, widescreens enhanced with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology.

Combining world-class speed, 3,000-plus-mile range, good comfort and excellent runway performance, all for the price of a more conventional midsize jet 70 knots slower.

When Cessna launched the airplane in 1990 the company was famous for its reliable and famously docile-handling straight-wing jets (though the X+ was not the first swept wing model).

Yet the Citation X was the opposite, and its introduction was an earthshaking event in relatively staid Wichita, Kansas.


The Challenger 300 has one of the biggest cabins in it's class.


The generous width, flat floor and stand-up height create a comfortable and productive environment for business-savvy passengers.

The Challenger 300 Private Jet is equipped with an upgraded quiet cabin package, which offers passengers one of the quietest cabins in the "Private Aviation" industry.

It's designed to meet customer needs no other private aircraft in the super mid-size category has been able to meet before.

"Challenger 300 Cabin"
"Crisp and easy to read high-resolution panels."

"Click to toggle between 3D and easy view."

"Suitable for beginners and experts. You decide you level of realism."

It boasts a large cabin, true coast-to-coast North American range, short airfield takeoff and landing advantages, exceptional performance even under hot and high-altitude conditions, and a Mach 0.82 high-speed cruise.

The Challenger 300 Private J…

The Challenger 350 is the newer model based on the 300.



"The Challenger 350" Business Jet has been exceeding expectations and reaching new heights at every altitude.

"Challenger 350 Interior"
interior challenger 350, inside private jet, cabin jet charter aircraft
With its ground-breaking cabin design, new range capability and lowest-in-class direct operating costs no opportunity to advance on class-leading excellence has been overlooked.

"Challenger 350 Jet"
The widest-in-class cabin among true "Super Midsize Aircraft," with its flat floor and stand-up height, now boasts new larger windows.

A revolutionary side-ledge concept, and a more advanced HD Cabin Management System among the many innovations that reward passengers with a new level of comfort.

As if to underline the overall breakthrough in design, fluid lines of real metal flow throughout the cabin to complete the statement of refined craftsmanship an…

Super Midsize Jets can make it in the USA coast to coast non stop.

"Super Midsize Jets, Information!"

Super midsize jets have got it all. They can make it across US, coast to coast and really have great range.

By giving passengers the power to choose how and when they fly, we're pioneering a new kind of private jet and luxury service—one that's personal, flexible and on-demand. C.J.C. Inc. the modern alternative to fractional ownership."

It falls into the super midsize private jet class, along with jets like the Citation X and the Gulfstream G200.

It can fly eight passengers coast-to-coast nonstop, and was designed to have low direct operating costs – making it a strong contender for the new super-midsize private jet category.

"The Citation X Exterior"
citation x exterior, Citation X Charter, Citation X jet charter
The Citation X (10) is Cessna’s version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical.

The strongest feature of the Cit…

The Praetor 500 is one of the newest private jets made today.


"The Praetor 500"

The Praetor 500 has options which include Gogo Biz Avance 5, Viasat Ka-band satcom, a belted potty seat, left and/or right aft section three-place divans.

It has a fold-down cabin crewmember’s seat across from the wet galley, perforated leather inserts for passenger chairs, granite veneer galley countertop and floor coverings, and several galley upgrades, including microwave and convection ovens.

The Praetor 500 cabin configurations will have emergency exits above the lavatory toilets, instead of having to position the emergency exit in the main cabin to comply with air charter operator rules for takeoff and landing.

The Praetor 500 will also have popularity of their Phenom, Legacy and Lineage private jet ranges, Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has now announced a new family of jets.

"The Praetor 500 Private Jet Flights!"

The Legacy 450 can seat up to 8 passengers very comfortably.


"LEGACY 450, Information!"

With so much to offer in a "mid-Size private jet," the sky is the limit for the "Legacy 450."

"Legacy 450 Exterior"
legacy 450 exterior, legacy 450 outside, legacy 450, legacy 450 jet charter
The Legacy 450 private jet is the first jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology.

This technology enables a smoother, more natural feeling flight by translating the manual input from the pilot electronically rather than mechanically.

Additional flight envelope protection also increases flight safety.

The Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 fly-by-wire system has received a prestigious Flight global Achievement Award in the Innovator of the Year category 2010.

"Jet Charter Legacy 450"
legacy 450, legacy 450 jet charter, private jet charter, aircraft charter
At 6-feet (1.83 m.) tall and 24-feet (7.32 m.) long, with a flat floor, the Legacy 450’s …

The Learjet 55 is decades old.


"LEARJET 55, Information"

In September 1986 the company announced the Model 55B, offering a new interior, 'glass' cockpit, improved take-off performance and increased range, all of which increased the aircraft's operational flexibility.

One year later, the Model 55C was revealed, fitted with rear under fuselage 'Delta Fins' giving improved directional stability at all speeds and reducing the landing speed, and thus removed the need for a stick puller/pusher.

Later versions are the 55C/ER extended-range version fitted with an extra tank holding 1175kg of fuel in the tail cone.

"Jet Charter Learjet 55"
learjet 55 charter, private jet, charter flights, jet aircraft
The Model 55C/LR giving even-longer-range through the installation of a further 322-litre fuel cell behind the standard fuselage tank.

Typical configuration of this version is two crew and seven passengers. Around 150 Model 55 variants had be…

The Learjet 60 is an all around very versatile aircraft.


"Learjet 60, Information!"

The new Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker is the ideal solution to the typical Lear 60 operator's need for more cargo space.

The Aft Fuselage Locker has two separate compartments that comprise 12 feet of length in all.

This provides about 28 cubic feet of internal space outside the cabin, capable of carrying 210 pounds of luggage and cargo.

The forward compartment is 8 feet long while the aft compartment is 4 feet long, conveniently allowing for the separation of passenger luggage and aircraft equipment.

Raisbeck's Aft Fuselage Locker for the Learjet 60/60XR provides more than 28 cubic feet of waterproof space to carry an additional 210 pounds of luggage and oversize cargo outside the cabin. Your passengers comfort is never compromised.

When it comes to pure climbing power, the Learjet 60 is hard to beat. This airplane doesn't just take off-it blasts off.

"Learjet 60 Private Jet Charter"…

The Learjet 60xr has extended range.

"Learjet 60XR, Information!"

These flights require more in-cabin stowage space, a larger galley, an airier feeling and lighter cabin to combat jet lag and more room for passengers to stretch out.

Those are important updates to be sure, but the redesigned cabin is where this airplane really shines.

"Learjet 60XR Specifications"
"Airshow and Sony Cabin Entertainment systems including a 10 disc CD player and dual DVD players."

"4-place club seating with a 3-place divan couch."

"Internal and external baggage compartments."

Changes include more curvaceous cabinetry, single-seat structure and upholstery, a cleaner looking headliner with recessed air gaspers.

It has LED lighting, more illuminating window surrounds and a redesigned lavatory with a larger vanity cabinet.

Customers can now choose from five basic seven- and eight-seat floor plans and specify a larger galley and a three-place divan.

The Hawker 700 has been around for decades.

"HAWKER 700, Information!"

The Hawker 700 Private Jet is one of the most popular "mid-size business jets" in service today. Passengers prefer an aircraft of this class because of its cabin size, comfort and range.

"Hawker 700 Exterior"
hawker 700 exterior
The Hawker 700 is uniquely noted as a quiet mid size jet with advanced avionics and high performance quality.

Without the noise volume that some business jets produce, the Hawker 700 is capable of entry into any airport nationally or worldwide.

"Hawker 700 Specifications"
"8 seat configuration."


"Fully equipped hot and cold food / drink area."

"DVD player."

The Hawker 700 Private Plane is well suited for longer domestic flights, traveling non-stop over 2,000 miles at a normal cruising speed of 470 mph and at altitudes up to 41,000 feet.

The highly regarded successor to the Hawker 600, the 700 model…

The Hawker 750 is now the Hawker 800.


"Hawker 750, Information!"

The new engines in the Hawker 750 at the time, represented quantum leaps in efficiency.

It enabled a new generation of six- to eight-passenger corporate jets that can still pass Stage III noise requirements.

The 750 is only marginally faster than the XLS+ on most missions and considerably slower than a Learjet 60.

However, most Hawker flights are considerably shorter, and on a trip from, say, Chicago to Atlanta, the speed disadvantage won’t cost you more than about 10 minutes.

With full fuel, payload is an impressive 2,250 pounds (1,021 kg). However, also like its predecessors, the 750 remains challenged when it comes to baggage capacity, to a point.

Unlike previous 700, 800 and 900 series siblings, the 750 has a separate, heated, externally accessed baggage compartment that holds up to 500 pounds (227 kg).

"Haweker 750 Inside"
hawker 750 inside
The Hawker 750’s biggest advantage is in its cab…

The Hawker 800 is one of the most popular private jets.

"HAWKER 800, Information!"

Few aircraft can match the Hawker 800 combination of comfort, cabin size, and speed.

One of the most popular business jets in its class, it’s often likened to a spacious conference room in the sky.

It is designed to complete transcontinental and international flights as needed, as well as have good short range capabilities.

Since it is the third member of the 800 series, it has undergone many small improvements to the features.

This has made it successful in the private jet market to begin with its cruise and climb speeds, runway performance, and weight limits.

The Hawker 800 comprises both six- and eight-passenger configured aircraft.

Both configurations have a full refreshment center and stand-up headroom along the entire cabin length.

Within the Hawker 800 series, there is also the improved models of the Hawker 800XP and the Hawker 850XP.

In December 2006, Raytheon announced the sale of Raytheon Airc…

The Hawker 800A is the updated Hawker 800.


"HAWKER 800A, Information!"

The Hawker 800 series jets are some of the more popular private jet lines thanks to its mixture of style and flight efficiency.

The cabin’s headroom, its light, modern interior, comfortable seating and plenty of work space are only a few of the many amenities appreciated by "Jet Charter" customers worldwide.

The aircraft offers both range (being able to fly non stop coast to coast in most cases) and performance and boasts the largest cabin in its class.

Now under the Beechcraft/Raytheon banner, this corporate jet still holds its own against newer models.

That’s due in large part to its well-rounded nature, providing the ultimate in comfort, cabin room and range for a business jet of its size.

Ideal for small groups of travelling executives, the Hawker 800A is equipped to handle eight passengers in well-appointed luxury. At 757 cubic feet.

The cabin’s interior is spacious enough to allow head…