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The Legacy 650 has a massive console, extensive collection of overhead panel switches, heavy-duty sideways-tracking crew seats, array of colorful displays stretching across the wide span of the panel.

The thousand hours a year, or more that it might fly for all of the abuse that implies.

At least up at the front of the airplane, the 650 still has all the airliner trappings.

From the crew door back, however, it’s even clearer that the Legacy 650, which earned certification, is all business — or pleasure.

The transformation from people mover to business machine is remarkable.

To create the jet, Embraer improved upon the large and comfortable cabin of the company’s successful Legacy 600 biz jet and added power, extra range, and enhanced avionics.

It also improved hot-and-high capability and even greater luxury to create an airplane that’s very much like the Legacy 600 but better in just about every way.

As much as they loved the 600’s creature comforts, they needed the extra range to connect some city pairs that the 600 just couldn’t link.

For a remarkable number of those highly desirable city pairs, the 650 succeeded in doing just that and then some.

Exactly how a company arrives at a business jet — and there are a number of paths that can lead to that ultimate product — is a story in itself.

In this case, the story is that of a successful airliner manufacturer that decided to test the business jet market by first dipping a single toe in the water.

legacy 650 interior, charter flights
The goals behind the creation of the 650 were really very simple: Give it around 500 nm greater range than the 600.

They have update the engines for better fuel efficiency (important for goal number one, obviously).

Improve the already terrific cabin, and give the pilots the latest safety utilities.

The 650 really is a new airplane, and not just in terms of its type certification.

While all of these improvements sound as though they could be made simply by substituting new components for old, nothing could be further from the truth.

With three seating sections, an extensive galley, one of the (if not the) nicest lavs in the segment and a pressurized, climate-controlled baggage area in which you could play a game of touch football, the Legacy makes great use of all that space.

With an interior that can comfortably seat 13 and a six-foot stand-up cabin, the digs are decadent even by bizjet standards.

The interior is all new, and Embraer has improved the already good headroom along the sidewalls with new lower-profile valences.

On the 650, the company made a commitment to sound reduction too, tracking down sources of noise and mitigating them wherever possible. Even in the cockpit this was true.

A new line of vortex generators atop the fuselage just aft of the windscreen helps energize the airflow and cut noise.

With three distinct cabin zones, the "LEGACY 650" has the largest cabin, galley and lavatory in its class.

The class-leading baggage compartment is fully accessible during flight, making sure you always have everything you need, or want here at "Central Jet Charter Inc."

The Legacy 650 highly intuitive cabin management system takes the in-flight experience to the next level.

Its seamless connectivity, high definition capabilities and integrated Apple TV create the best possible on-board passenger experience.

The Legacy 650 gives you its innovative Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite.

"Legacy 650 Private Jet Charter"
legacy 650 exterior, charter flights
Renowned for its durability and high dispatch rate, our Legacy 650 transports up to 14 passengers in a well-appointed, largest-in-class, three-zone cabin that is also one of the quietest."

This aircraft delivers one of the quietest cabins in its class, for a restful flight experience."


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