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falcon 900b,
This executive interior features club & conference seating with executive tables.

Interior comfort includes: oven, coffee maker & beverage dispenser, flat screen video monitor & entertainment systems, Full vanity aft lavatory, closets & walk in baggage compartment.

When you charter a large cabin business jet the person providing service in the cabin may be vital to your survival in the event of an emergency.

At Central Jet Charter Inc., we take this roll very seriously and have taken the necessary steps to create a safe flying experience.

All flights aboard the Falcon 900B include a certified flight attendant.

Falcon 900B with more powerful engines and increased range. Falcon 900EX ultra long range development. New version Falcon 900C.

Combines the airframe and avionics of the Falcon 900B with 900EX engines. First customer deliveries beginning in 2000. The Falcon 900C is in parallel production with the 900EX.

API's first High-Mach Blended Winglets, designed and certified in collaboration with Dassault Falcon Jet, are now flying on approximately 45% of all Falcon 2000 series, and 25% of all 900 series, airplanes in-service.

In addition to the improvements in climb performance, range increase, and fuel burn reduction at cruise, the Blended Winglets provides a more modern aesthetic and increased residual value.

API Blended Winglets are standard equipment on Dassault's 2000LX/LXS/S and 900LX models, and available for retrofit to any in-service 2000, 900 and 50 series airplane.

Dassault is constantly redesigning and improving their aircraft to uphold these standards.

The “B” refers to upgraded engines, producing more power and performance capacity. It was so successful that 900s can be retrofitted to 900B capabilities.

Its Falcon-50 lineage is obvious, yet conceals numerous developments. The fuselage is longer and wider, making the interior substantially more comfortable.

This enables the plane to carry 12 to 14 passengers (against the Falcon 50’s eight passengers).

The avionics are digital. Computer-aided design and manufacturing processes using Dassault Systems’ CATIA system empowered engineers to design, fine-tune and produce this aircraft’s structure and aerodynamic features with outstanding accuracy.

Using composite materials for every application possible cut weight substantially.

A considerable portion of the production (the fuselage and wings, i.e. 65% of the total) was handled in-house, with the remaining tasks entrusted to different industrial partner firms.

Final assembly and flying take place in Mérignac, where the Falcon 900 took off for the first time on 21 September 1984, with Hervé Leprince-Ringuet and Jérôme Résal in the cockpit.

"Falcon 900B Private Jet Charter"
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The Dassault Family creates jets with high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement.

The spacious cabin measures 6.2 feet in height (full stand-up), 7.7 feet in width, and 39 feet in length. "Private Plane Amenities" include a full-sized private lavatory and galley.


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